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Friday, December 30, 2005

Prison Break 1.13: And FOX Screws Us Again

It’s becoming a pattern of FOX, especially with this particular show.

This show was supposed to be it. The money show. The one where everyone gets out. Lies, all lies. Not only do we not get out, but there is a horrible ‘twist’ designed primarily to generate a cliffhanger and not help the story along at all. What I am talking about is the fact that Tea Bag pulls out a knife and threatens Scofield that this night isn’t going to end back at their cells.

I don’t get it. All of TeaBag’s motivations are supposedly focused on getting himself out. We even find out last episode that he has a nice side and wants blood for whomever killed his brother (aka Abruzzi). I know he is the token antagonist and whenever the writers write themselves into a wall, they use TeaBag to get them out of it. Again, with the whole one person too many bit, they just have TeaBag off Abruzzi. But this one I don’t get. How does TeaBag wielding a knife and threatening Scofield help his situation any? How does it help the writers at all?

The only reasoning is as follows: the writers have no clue where to go with this show now that’s it’s been picked up for a second part of a pilot season and they needed time to write something up. In all honestly, this show is basically a mini-series which had the good fortune to get decent ratings. Couple this with many failing FOX shows (sadly Arrested Development and not so sadly, Kitchen Confidential) and you have a recipe of anxious FOX execs jumping to get onto the bandwagon of any show which scores even moderate ratings.

You know those shows right? The ones which go on for too long and kill any hope and creativity of the first season and you wish were just mini-series? The ones which have a plot too long for a 2 hour movie but too short for a long drawn out series? Prison Break is one of them. I have a very distinct feeling that the second part won’t do as well as the first, writing/plot/character/suspense-wise and we’re all going to end up with a show that should have only been 13 episodes long. I just hope I’m proven wrong. Here’s a toast to the extended pilot season debuting in March!


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