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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lost: 2.06: The Lost Art of Death.

The lies became truth as a promised death of a survivor came true, sort of.

Well isn't this special, our first Lost episode together. Don't get used to it. So the episode says we get to see someone die, but then again we've been cheated by Lost before (see episode 2.02). The journey of the other survivors continues toward the beach camp of our survivors. The Shannon-centric flashbacks doesn't help in making us like her all that much more. Finally, a heroine addict plays the role of father. I think that pretty much sums it up, I guess, maybe a bit more in-depth coverage is needed.

Well, the other survivors make their way through the island to the beach-side camp. The Locke'esque Echo decides to cut through the jungle in order to get to the beach faster in order to help the weakened Sawyer. All is fine until Sawyer falls unconscious and Michael MacGyver’s a stretcher to carry Sawyer in. We also see Ana explain what the Others did to her people, they snatched them up. It was quite a vivid explanation (/end sarcasm). So they hit a snag at a steep hill, but they show teamwork and are actually able to get Sawyer, in his stretcher, up the hill. Unfortunetly, someone goes missing suddenly. The name of the person was... I really can't remember; she wasn't important anyways. Ana knows the Others are about by the whispers in the forest and pulls out her gun for one bullet of action.

In Shannon's flashbacks we see the death of her father. The same car accident that involved Jack's wife and Jack makes a brief cameo appearance at the hospital as Shannon and step mom get the bad news. Shannon gets bad news once again, but even more devastating to her, when she finds out she is cut off from the money. Boone tries to give her money so she can still go to her internship at New York, but she rebuffs the money since Boone has decided to go work with his mom. She doesn't mind money from the person she hates, but hates the idea of getting money from the person who works for the person she hates. Got it. This flashback explains the scam she did in Australia on Boone and also gave us a return of Boone. Perhaps we'll see more of him in future Shannon flashbacks. Probably not.

Onward, Sayid makes a tent for Shannon and they get busy. Sayid tells Shannon how much he loves her, so much for Nadia, when he leaves to grab some water. Shannon then gets another close encounter of the Walt kind and screams her head off. Sayid runs back and says she was just dreaming, of course Shannon hates anyone that doesn't believe her story about seeing someone that is suppose to be on the island that no one else sees and that the person speaks in a weird tongue. Yea, that's one of her pet peeves. So the next day, Shannon in her "I'll show you attitude" goes running off into the jungle looking for Walt through the dog. Sayid chases after her when they get another Walt sighting and this time Sayid sees him too! Shannon runs after Walt and one bullet later, one shot Shannon.

Hooray Shannon is dead or dying rather, Ana will be now hated for the remainder of the show since she's the shooter, and the other survivors are with the original survivors. Sounds like a clean up episode to me, one where they sweep in all the loose ends of the show to start a new plot thread. Talk about bad luck, first Shannon's dad, then Boone, and then Shannon. That family is cursed. Next week will showcase the other survivors from day one and their encounters with the Others. So, I guess we'll get a real taste of the bad explanation from Ana about the Others. But I'm guessing the amount we learned from Ana won't be too much more in the actual visuals. This IS Lost by the way and it lives off of not telling you jack. I think it is their show motto at the offices. Anyhow, it was good to sit in on this week's Lost recap. Next week should have your regularly scheduled writer at hand.


  • Finally, two of the best things ever happened in this show.

    1. Snarl is now hated.
    2. Shannon died.

    Quite possibly two of the more annoying characters dead in one show.

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 10:16 AM, November 11, 2005  

  • Fuck TV...

    they go from "RUN" after hearing voices, to Shannon/Sayid hearing voices, and Shannon getting shot...

    ...AFTER Walt says "SHHHHHHHHH" about 6 times, and her saying WALLLLLT and chasing after the mother fucker anyway.

    This is why black comedians are always making fun of white people in horror movies.

    By Anonymous Ken., at 8:39 PM, November 15, 2005  

  • That's about right, but she does pay for her stupidity by getting shot.

    By Blogger lampy., at 1:14 PM, November 16, 2005  

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