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Sunday, August 28, 2005

ALIAS: Index Page

Alias Overview

Alias 5.01, Smallville 5.01: Information Overload meets Fortress of Solitude

Alias 5.02, Smallville 5.02: The Dead Rise and The Beginning of an Arch-Enemy

Alias 5.03, Smallville 5.03: A Repeat of The Past and The Return of The Super.

Alias 5.04, Smallville 5.04: An Evil Alliance and a League of Justice is Born.

Alias 5.05, Smallville 5.05: A Man in a Box, a Sorority, and Vampires. Oh my!

Alias 5.06, Smallville 5.07: Flying Solo and Not Yet Flying, But Still Quite Crazy.

Alias 5.07, Smallville 5.08: The Food Chain of Villains.

Alias 5.08 and 5.09: A Turn Towards the Home Stretch.