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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Alias 5.07, Smallville 5.08: The Food Chain of Villains.

It's hard being a small fish in the long line of villainry. I guess that's what happens in the natural order of villainry.

This week's Alias finally gave Sydney her revenge against the murderer of Michael Vaughn, sort of. I'll be changing gears from episode recaps to episode reviews for shows from now on. So if you don't watch the show, too bag you're missing out. So, finally Sydney gets to kill the big, bad Gordon Dean, not really. At least this week, we get a confession from Sloane that he has been blackmailed by Dean, which is quite surprising for a guy with such a rich history as Sloane's. Unfortunately, this new found honesty is only a glimmer as he gets sucked back into his lying ways when the higher-ups of Dean's operations gets Sloane to kill the captured Dean before he can give them up. They suck Sloane back in with the hopes of getting a cure for his daughter. Of course, like all good blackmailers, they don't give it to him and keep the carrot on the stick. The most surprising thing of all of this is that Gordon Dean's former #2, Peyton, is the one who orchestrated her mentor's coup.

Another large revelation is the true origins of the people that are running everything. During an op, we find out that the organization Dean works for is really part commercial businesses and part government agencies across the world. In all, 12 different government agencies and businesses are running the show. With this ubber conspiracy, APO, or even the CIA, seem awfully small in comparison. Another interesting note that is specifically pointed out is that the fact that there are 12 organizations involved, much the same way there were 12 groups that made up the original ubber enemy, the Alliance. Is there a future correlation that will show up? I hope so; it'd be quite amazing if they can link the bad guys with the good guys.

Also, a new arch-villain makes his arrival, Ehrmann. He is the one that approaches Sloane about the cure for his daughter, Nadia, and the task of killing Dean in order to obtain it. As previously said, he never gives him the cure, but keeps it on the stick to make sure Sloane stays in his pocket. Although, we know Ehrmann is higher on the food chain than Dean, I wonder how high up can he be. Alias has a way to making the current bad guy (Dean), into a small fish in a long chain. Well, however high up he is on the chain, he is the man that will be taking Dean's place as the main bad guy, or will it be Peyton? Another point of interest is that while under drugs, Dean tells Sydney that "they" have a special plan for Sydney's baby. Probably has something to do with the Rambaldi prophecy and all that jazz. This episode was an episode that shifted the ground a bit, but really only gave us minimal information about the big picture. What the big picture is, no one really knows.

Smallville this week did a lot very quickly, almost too quickly. Brainiac, aka Professor Fine, finally reveals himself as the villain he is. Pretty much, he tricks Clark into thinking that the illness that is afflicting his mom, Martha, is due to his biological father, Jar-El. Brainiac tricks Clark into taking him to the Fortress of Solitude and implants a black crystal that starts a self-destruct timer for the fortress. After Clark does it, Brainiac pulls out some Kryptonite and lays it on Clark and tries to summon General Zod. I think that sort of gives the implication that we will be seeing some Zod vs. Clark action this season. Also, the fact that Brainiac can handle Kryptonite finally destroys the illusion that he is a Kryptonian. Chloe followed the pair and pulls off the Kryptonite and allows Clark to destroy Brainiac. I was surprised to see the writers kill off Brainiac so quickly. He could have been a source of many future episodes for Smallville. Seems like a senseless character killing in my opinion.

The other story arc for the episode was Chloe and Lois doing some investigative reporting on Lex Luthor. This paves some road for the future investigative reporter known as Lois Lane. I guess they needed a way to bridge Lois closer to being like Chloe because, as of right now, Chloe feels more like Lois Lane than Lois Lane does. Well the duo find the spaceship that Lex has, but it is all for not, because the spaceship disappears when Brainiac dies. I guess that's what happens? Well, with the baddies dead and Martha Kent back at full hp, that wraps it up. But what about that little thing Jar-El said so many episodes ago, that someone close to Clark would lose their life? If this wasn't Jar-El's fault, then we should be seeing a death of someone close in the near future, no?


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