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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Lost 2.07: Uhm… Where did my show go?

Quite possibly one of the most unsatisfying episodes of Lost.

The tagline was, essentially, find out how the other survivors from the tail end of the plane survived. It was billed as an “extended” episode. What a load of crap.

The episode we got were a series of teasing vignettes that really never got the juices flowing story-wise. Each was ended abruptly and only gave us a glimpse into the many threads of Los Otros. What could have been a rich well to draw from, considering all of their stories and backgrounds was wasted. The show was essentially a cop-out from the producers, who were weary of alienating their fanbase (which they wouldn’t have) and the costs, both creative and monetary, it would have taken to manufacture a rich story line for these other survivors and all of the props necessary to their stories.

What we get, instead, is the rehash of what was already known and a poorly disguised door to a hatch, at angles which have been reused. Many storylines were wasted in this episode and it was a travesty. We got only tidbits of what was happening on the other side of the island, shown in this episode only as single actions in each vignette, and each new plot thread, such as the glass eyeball and the Bible, were washed away without explanation. For a show touted as explaining what happened on the other side of the island, it sure as hell didn’t show us very much.

As for the “extended” episode. Four minutes. That’s all we got. And not only that, it was four minutes of recaps from episodes we’ve already seen. What a gyp. It was done in a montage-esque sequence to make it seem like it was new. But it wasn’t. We just got a recap. The only thing that was exposed was that we saw Ana-Lucia actually shoot Shannon. Other than that, this show was definitely a bust. Truly one of the worst episodes of Lost ever.


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