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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Prison Break 1.11: One Two Many

My complaints with this episode can be blamed more on FOX than the writers themselves, but nevertheless, the episode suffered for it.

The show was a good one overall but hindered by the fact that FOX initially only picked up 13 episodes for the season and didn’t pickup a second season until recently. It really cornered the writers and developers for this show into thinking they’d only have 13 shows to fully flesh out the show. But recently they’ve been picked up for a second season and now they have to tie up some plot holes which were created by the fact that they thought this was going to be a one off season.

Beginning with the freaking circus that is now the break out crew. We have Burrows, Scofield, Abruzzi, Sucre, TeaBag, Black Medication Man, Wigger and now the Old Dude. I knew a couple of weeks ago this was going to be a mess to clean up, and the inclusion of all these characters was only meant to create artificial tension in an already tense situation. There was no way each and every single one of them was ever going to attempt to escape, let alone actually make it. Now the writers are beginning to realize it as well and have to begin to off the co-conspirators. It was a pretty abrupt realization that they only had 18 minutes to make it and they now had to leave someone behind.

By the way, many of these prisoners have some weak reasons to attempt to break out of prison. Burrows and Scofield, okay, I like their motives. Gotta save someone from death row. Abruzzi, because he has to find the snitch and save his family. Everyone else? Horrid, horrid reasons. Sucre? To find his girlfriend and get her back? Are you kidding me? Risking 15-20 more months of jail time because he can’t let a girl go? Old Dude? Because his daughter is dying? Wait til the funeral dude! TeaBag has a decent reason, he just plain wants to get out and has the dish on the whole project. Whigger and Black Medication Man, their reasoning piggybacks on that of TeaBag’s, so theirs seems weakers. I just don’t know how they are justifying this to themselves, especially those with shorter terms. But I guess that’s why they got caught in the first place; no thinking caps.

So we get two new people on the ride, and then realize we have to leave one behind. While many would believe that this was planned from the start, I don’t buy it. It feels so forced, and the fact that it was smashed into one episode makes it feel more so. Just my two cents.

Overall, the episode was adequate and advanced the plot along and it looks as though we will be escaping either next episode or the one after that. Other than that, I am worried that the show will lose the tension of the breakout once our protagonists are out. I am just wondering how well the show will do once there is no prison the speak of.


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