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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Prison Break 1.12: The One That Sucked

Quite possibly the worst episode of Prison Break, ever.

The past weeks show was one of the worst shows to grace the Monday night spot that Prison Break inhabits. The script and direction were so off character that it was evident that this was an episode not by the normal writers and directors. I can’t substantiate that claim as of yet (IMDB hasn’t updated their site) I can pretty much say for sure this is true. There is no other reason why so many characters became parodies of themselves and the show took a nosedive in terms of plot and character development.

Perhaps the most confusing development is Abruzzi and his sudden penchant for religious servitude. In the previous 11 episodes, the writers have shown Abruzzi as the bad ass on campus, cutting off toes, blinding men with broken light bulbs, the man who does anything to get the job done. The writers have never hinted at any sort of religious aspect of his character, so when it showed up in this episode, it just didn’t fit well at all. He is seeing Jesus now? When the hell did this happen? Since when did a mob go-to-guy, who has murdered good men in cold blood, become the pansy who cries when a hit goes wrong and a child is used as a shield? I mean, it wasn’t even his fault, it was the guy who was using the kid as a shield. This was just a bizarre character development and in my mind felt like it was used as an excuse to kill off Abruzzi. It just felt forced and by the end, when he spares TeaBag’s life, I was hoping for him to die. Lo’ and behold, I got my wish.

The last part of the show, although clichéd and I knew it was coming, was to be expected. Scofield is delayed, Burrows must stall and ends up hitting the bull and subsequently, Burrows is hauled off to the hole. A convenient wrench to be thrown into the plans but one that is plausible, even if Burrows is an idiot and had he been smarter, could have found a better way to delay the bull. But hey, it created the cliff hanger needed to lead into the Fall (?) season finale next Monday. Let’s just hope they get the break on already and start to progress the show a little more than they have. All of this stalling and convenient problems showing up are beginning to feel a bit contrived and forced and the show is losing steam at a rapid pace. What we need next week is a fast paced show leading to the prison break and a nice neat cliff hanger that we won’t see coming. I mean, it’s not too much to ask is it?


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