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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Alias 5.06, Smallville 5.07: Flying Solo and Not Yet Flying, But Still Quite Crazy.

This week's episodes focused on the individual and the individual gone crazy.

This week's episode of Alias highlights the new female member of APO, Rachel Gibson. The show's intro was a very ninja abduction of an entire family in their home in a matter of seconds. The next we see is the family in an interrogation room with Rachel and Sydney on the other side of the two way mirror talking about them. The family is Rachel's family and the CIA thought it prudent to put them into CIA protection considering Rachel is sought after by Gordon. Soon after, Sloane reports to Gordon about Rachel's family going into CIA protection. Gordon appears to be unconcerned about Rachel anymore and tells Sloane that he wants him to use the APO resources to find a weapon designer named Janos Vak.

In a mission briefing, Sloane suggests that the best manner to capture Gordon Dean would be to use a weapon designer named Janos Vak as bait. Vak has been developing a software program that can redirect missiles and that Gordon has been trying to locate him. The only known contact is an Algerian arms dealer that has met with Vak before, but getting someone that deep in the Algerian underworld would be a hard task to accomplish. Sydney suggests Renne "the Raven" Rienne to penetrate the underworld, since she has considerable criminal connections. A cut later, we see Renee do her Matrix thing in the warehouse and beats the information out of an arms dealer. This was, by far, the fastest action mission and I'm sure the rest of it found the cutting room floor. Sydney gets the information about a man who has recently met with Vak from Renee soon thereafter.

The man that met with Vak is a Chinese general who is having an engagement party in India. A copy of the general's documents and contacts are in the safe in the office where the engagement party is being held. During the op, Marshall is unable to connect to Sydney in the office because there is too much interference in the way. Rachel volunteers to run out and put up a relay antenna to boost the signal. After she places the relay, she is caught by a guard; in a panic she just makes a run for it. Tom, another new APO member, runs back to Rachel and knocks the guard out. After the mission is finished, Sloane meets with Dean, who is furious that he wasn't given the intel about Vak, and demands that the information about Vak is given to him by the end of the day.

After the APO team returns home, they learn that Vak is guarded on an oil platform in the middle of the ocean off China. The only person allowed in or out of the platform is a "female companion" that Vak is allowed to have every other week. Of course APO has two female agents, but only one isn't pregnant, Rachel. Rachel has never done a solo mission and the previous mission didn't instill confidence. I was quite confused, since this is the CIA, and I wouldn't think it would be impossible to just do a night drop onto the platform? In preparing for the mission, Sydney tells Rachel to just act like the biggest tramp she knew in high school. On the other side of things, Sloane gives the new information on the location of Vak and APO's op to Gordon. Gordon untrusting of Sloane decides to send in Peyton to get Vak's new software.

During the op, Rachel looks like a retardedly (not a word, but should be) dressed prostitute and even plays the part when she drops the lipstick that was suppose to be the tranquilizer. Luckily for her, Vak likes to be tied up and well her job got pretty easy from there. She got the software from Vak's computer, fries it and gets out. Peyton arrives soon after to see a fried computer and starts to search the platform for Rachel. The once best friends meet up and Peyton the only one with a gun has a slight advantage. Rachel uses an ice pick hidden in her comb to get Peyton to drop the gun and a hand fight breaks out until a Chinese guard starts to shoot at them from afar. Rachel actually jumps and pushes Peyton behind a barrel saving her life. Finally, Dixon shows up in a helicopter and takes the guards out and saves Rachel. Peyton somewhat stunned to be saved by Rachel runs and jumps off the platform into the ocean. Is this the precursor of a plot line in which Peyton begins to turn on Gordon for her once friend Rachel. Probably not, but I think Peyton will at least think twice before trying to kill Rachel.

The episode really highlighted Rachel and a possible future plot thread between her and Peyton. The show also showed that although Gordon holds sway over Sloane, that Sloane is unwilling to hurt anyone at APO in order to serve Gordon. The show wasn't anything special and there was a serious lack of growth in the existing plots. The only thing this show gave us was more Rachel, but I think we already had a handle on what she was. The character that really needs developing is Tom as he still remains a mysterious figure to everyone. Next week's Alias should prove promising as APO makes an attempt to learn more about Dean and his endgame goal.

The Smallville episode introduced another mystical new Kryptonite, silver Kryptonite. Apparently, it hurts Clark instead of physically, but mentally. Pretty much, he goes nuts. During a visit to Lana's dorm he brings a package from outside that was left to her from Lex. Inside, silver Kryptonite and he pricks his finger on it. Knowing it was Kryptonite, it was time to jet. So he does a quick goodbye and drives home. During the drive he is attacked by a large black truck and is run off the road. After he gets out of his wrecked car, he gets a phone call that says, "I know who you are."

Back at the Kent farm, Jonathan is talking about the possibility of him running against Lex for senator. Martha is afraid that it would put Clark's secret at risk. Clark runs in and tells them about the hit-and-run and the phone call. They tell him that he should be careful and to act as normally as possible. The next day after his class with Professor Fine, a rock of green Kryptonite falls out of his backpack as he picks it up and the slide projector shows a message that says, "I Know How to Kill You." Clark runs out of the room and Professor Fine asks what is wrong. Clark explains about the black truck and Fine says he has seen the same truck following him as well. Fine says to be cautious and that he has the license plate number so that Clark can track it down. That obviously means only one person...

A commercial cut later and we see Clark at the Daily Planet with Chloe. Chloe runs to the fax machine to see if her friend in the DMV has anything on the license plate Clark gave her. While she is gone, Clark sees an e-mail from Lionel Luthor to Chloe that reads, "There are no secrets." Chloe comes back and tells Clark that the DMV says that there is no such truck. Clark thinking Chloe is in on it, runs off. Back at the Kent farm, he eavesdrops on a meeting between Lionel and his dad, Jonathan. Lionel says that he can provide financial backing for Jonathan's run for senator if he is willing to bring Clark in for experiments. Clark watches in horror as his dad accepts the money. He later confronts him about the money. Clark goes berserk on Jonathan and Martha when she tries to stop Clark from hurting Jonathan. As luck would have it, Chloe shows up just in time to weaken Clark with a piece of Kryptonite. Clark runs away, something that seems impossible in the other episodes when Kryptonite is nearby. The Kents talk to Chloe about how long she has known about Clark and she connects the silver rock to that of the green one and the red one.

Meanwhile, Lana meets with Lex to thank him for the silver rock to examine. Lex says he doesn't know anything about the rock, but Lana doesn't believe him. Lex decides to show her the spaceship that she claimed to have seen on the day of the meteor shower. Lana examines the ship which has a frictionless surface and is skeptical of Lex's reasons for showing her the spaceship. After the showing Lana returns to the dorms to see Clark there. Clark warns Lana that everyone is in on a conspiracy to get him and that they need to get away as soon as possible. Clark hears Chloe coming and tells Lana to say nothing and he runs off. Chloe tells Lana that the rock infected Clark in some way and Lana understands now why Clark was so cracked-out.

Lana goes back to Lex's and confronts him about the silver rock. Lex convinces her that he has nothing to do with the rock and that he will do whatever it takes to find a cure. Clark is watching from outside the window and sees Lana and Lex kiss. The lights go out and Lex runs off to see what happened. He and Clark confront and Clark tosses Lex down the hallway. Clark goes after Lana next, who has hidden herself in the basement. Too bad Clark has x-ray vision and soon Clark is chokes Lana. Professor Fine shows up and they have a nice little super speed fight. Fine uses an eye laser shot to knock Clark down and uses a device, like the thing from the Matrix when they are in the cab, on Clark to suck the silver Kryptonite fragment out of him. Fine calls Clark by his Kryptonian name, Kal-El, and runs off as Lex arrives.

After it all, Clark visits Lana in the hospital where she says Chloe explained everything. That is she explained that the rock made him go crazy and gave him super strength. Clark later asks Chloe about where the rock went and she informs Clark that it wasn't anywhere to be found. That generally means Lex hid it for himself. Chloe also admits that she has been receiving e-mails from Lionel and that it wasn't imaginary, but it was only to get inside information about Lex's campaign. Clark returns home and talks to his parents. Jonathan decides that he won't run against Lex for senator. Clark runs into Professor Fine in the barn where they talk about the superiority of the Kryptons over humans. Fine questions the trust Clark has put in humans. Fine leaves and is shown going to the spaceship which he dripped out of. There he holds the silver Kryptonite and sucks the silver off of it back into him.

Makes you wonder how much Kryptonian Fine is since he can morph and all that. Well, he isn't a Kryptonian, he is Brainiac. So, that makes him one crazy ass brainy machine, sort of like that silver guy in Terminator 2 that can melt. Next week, we learn more about Professor Fine and his true intentions. Also, the life that Jor-El was supposed to take seems to be Martha Kent. She becomes gravely ill and the only way to save her will be to destroy his Fortress of Solitude. The episode should be a nice with a possible repeat of the Fine vs. Clark battle, but this time Clark won't be crazy.


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