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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Lost 2.08: Finally! On with the show!

After stalling the show ever since the spectacular season premier, Lost finally gets moving again. Sort of.

This episode we were presented with the back story of Snarl, aka Ana-Lucia. And, to be brief, she is one f-ed up person with an itchy trigger finger and a murky sense of justice and obeying normal rules of society. After watching her back story, I thought that it was fitting she fell on the side of the island with the most hardships. If she had landed on the island with Jack & Co. most everyone would be dead by now and in a pit. Her attitude was more fitting for the Tailies and as such, it fit perfectly. But it does not help any that I still hate her guts and I hope she dies. And dies a horribly painful death.

Never in my life have I seen a television character that was as antagonistic as her, outside of soaps. On soaps you could believe that there was a character that was at odds with everyone and that flew since, well, it was a soap. You needed a polarized baddie. But on Lost, you expect more complex characters than this. Snarl just seems to be written in so that the writers have someone who they can use to oppose everything and everyone else on the island, just for conflicts sake. Her opposition to the rational people is grating, and while I know her back story was supposed to show why she is this way, in actuality, it just made her seem like a more irrational person and allowed me to hate her more and more. I don’t know if this was JJ’s intent but it’s working like a charm. I cannot wait for the day Jack & Co. puts her in her place and god, maybe even eliminates her from the show.

Back on track, sort of like the show, we finally get Shannon’s body being carried back to the beach. A mere three episodes after she was shot. The show is dragging on horribly and the pacing is way off from the first season. Hopefully now that both survivor camps are joined we can get on with the more interesting story of the island and what its significance is in relations to all of the survivors. I felt the show started this season superbly but ever since then has been mired in inconsequential aspects of the show. Bogging down the show with rehashes of the same scenes and the same experiences has really killed the momentum of the show and hopefully we get back on track. Next weeks episode seems really interesting, promising to shed some more light on Kate’s past, and hopefully we get more of the island and the Others as well. No more of this rehashing and regurgitation of plot points and footage.


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