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Friday, November 04, 2005

Smallville 5.06: An Obvious Sweep's Episode

This week's Smallville contains a reunion of the Dukes of Hazard and a stripper named Lois. This and really not much else.

This week's episode of Smallville reminded you that we're in sweeps and that shows will do anything to get higher ratings. This episode was no different, using sexploitation to get viewers and a Duke of Hazards reunion to get the redneck viewers? In any case, this episode showed that Lex maybe isn't as evil as we want him to be and that Clark either loves a person to death or hates them with a burning passion, but no where in between. Clark's previous friendship, now DOA, composed of Clark defending Lex to all ends despite any evidence contrary to it. Now, with no friendship to hold him back, blames Lex for anything that may get connected back to him in a game of six degrees of separation from something negative back to Lex. Please for the love of god, either like the guy or hate the guy, stop bouncing around Clark. With that over with, this episode added nothing to the overall plot lines and provided the world of Smallville with only a single lasting thought which will be explained later.

The episode starts with Chloe and Lois at the Daily Planet taking late night questions and calls. They get a call from a woman who wants to get her story out before "he" finds her. Chloe and Lois head to an address she gives them and they get there right in time to see her run over by a car. They call the police and talk to the detective that shows up. The detective plays the "I am an idiot for a cop" character and she tries to blow off the dead girl as a hooker and nothing else despite the very pricey shoes she has on as Lois points out. It sounds like we have a mystery on our hands, hooray! The two cousins do a little research and find a nearby club to the accident that she may have worked at. Chloe and Lois following the lead, about the club near the death of the girl, go through a back door and start to snoop in the private office. The owner interrupts them and Chloe covers by saying that Lois is the new stripper. Lois passes herself off as a stripper and goes out to do a dance on stage, but it is rather sad as she plays the awkward stripper.

At the Kent farm an old friend of Jonathan's drops by, his counterpart from the Dukes of Hazard shows up as Senator Jake Jennings. The good Senator has dropped by to get some support from Jonathan and the farmers for his re-election campaign against Lex Luthor. As Senator Jennings tells Clark of some old stories about Jonathan, the idiot detective shows up to ask the Senator some questions about a photo she found of him and the dead girl from last night. The Senator denies any relationship and that the photo is a fake that was probably made by Lex Luthor. This angers Clark, because he's an idiot, and he goes to confront Lex about the photo. Lex denies any involvement with the photo, but does recognize the club the photo was taken in and gives Clark a card that will let him into the exclusive club. That night Clark goes to the club, wearing an amazing suit that I have no idea he can afford, and is surprised to see Lois there as well, stripping. He overhears a European man offering half-a-million for the new girl, aka Lois.

Lois is at the address with the European guy changing her clothes when she finds a picture of the dead girl with her belongings. Lois knows she is in trouble and busts her military brat knowledge on the guy until she gets zapped by a taser from one of his bodyguards. Lois is carried to a helicopter on the roof and wakes up to the helicopter in disarray; she again does her kung-fu on the guys in the helicopter. The helicopter lands back on the roof and the door is opened by non-other than Clark.

The police bust in right at that moment and the European guy runs off, but manages to get Lois to follow him in order to get out of the raid. The idiot detective shows up and arrests everyone she can find including Clark and Chloe. Clark overhears another conversation between the detective and the owner about the Senator being too drunk that night and that the owner drove him home that night making it impossible for him to run over the girl. Chloe gets some information about the European guy from the other girls. He picks a new girl every once in awhile and takes her out of the dump into "paradise", yea sure. Chloe and Clark get freed by the detective after Lex pulls some strings for them. Chloe and Clark head back to the Daily Planet to find out more about the mystery European guy. They find an address from the car he drove and Clark goes off to snoop Superman-style.

Clark gets to the apartment and can't get into the computer that is password protected, but notices that the printer was just in use. Chloe tells him to press the print button on the printer, and a fake passport with Lois' picture comes out. Chloe tells Clark that the guy has a helipad at the top of the building and Clark runs up there right as the helicopter is about to lift off. Clark tethers the helicopter with a nearby rope and yanks it back down to the roof. He opens the door to see the bodyguards knocked out and Lois sitting there. Right after all of this happens, the idiot detective shows up, but says she can't arrest the guy because he has diplomatic immunity from being the son of a diplomat. Big mystery with no bad guy caught at the end, harsh.

Back at the Kent farm, Senator Jennings talks to Jonathan about holding a press conference about his campaign. He decides to not run for re-election after all that has happened and that Jonathan would be the perfect man of integrity to do the job. This is the only lasting effect of this sexploitive episode, a possible future clash between Jonathan and Lex for Senate. This would be a nice story line, which I'm certain will happen in order to widen the chasm that has been steadily growing between Clark and Lex over the season. Will this be the catalyst that creates the epic conflict between Superman and Lex Luthor? Who knows, I just want to see more of Brainiac already. Come on Smallville, no more filler episodes; give us some meaty episodes with lots of nerdy comic book love.


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