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Friday, February 17, 2006

Smallville 5.15: The Black Terminator.

One of the newer comic book characters, Cyborg, meets with one of the classic super heroes, Superman, in Smallville.

This week's episode of Smallville plays homage to one of the more recent creations in the DC universe, Cyborg. Cyborg is a creation from the comic book and now cartoon series Teen Titans. The episode starts off with Victor, a Taye Diggs look-alike, strapped in a cage where a scientist frees him and gives him a picture of a girl. An alarm sounds and Victor makes a run out of the warehouse and straight through a metal door. Outside the warehouse a speeding car rams right into Victor, the driver is Lana and the car does as much damage to Victor as it would to Clark, as in none. Victor grabs Lana and takes her to the hospital and makes a quick getaway, unfortunately no super speed so not that quickly. After Clark receives a call from Lana, a little show and tell takes place outside the hospital as Victor accidentally throws Clark into a wall. Clark does an x-ray (seriously I think that shit causes cancer) and finds a ton of metal in Victor, hence Cyborg.

The other growing story line in this episode is Martha dealing with blackmail. A package is dropped at the front of the house which contains a DVD player with a video of the explosion at the warehouse where the spaceship was stored, in previous episodes. The video is slowed down and shows Clark going supersonic and saving Lana during the blast. Soon thereafter Martha receives a call from the blackmailer and an amount and meeting place is arranged. After the call, Lionel Luthor shows up to give Martha a helicopter ride into the city for a meeting. Sensing the disarray, he offers any help whatsoever he can give and leaves.

In the barn, Clark and Victor talk about what happened and how Victor was in a car accident where he was supposedly killed. His life was saved by the company Syntechnics, owned by LuthorCorp, but he doesn't know how he'll ever be able to face his girlfriend again as more machine than man. Clark decides to confront Lex about Syntechnics testing on humans (does he really think that it will do any good?) and Lex denies knowing anything about the situation. Back at the barn, Lana comes to visit Victor, but two guards have tracked Victor down and shoot him with some sort of electrical energy beam. Clark arrives in the knick of time and knocks the two guards out. Victor has fluid leaking from his power cell and if they aren't able to fix it he'll die.

Clark heads to The Daily Planet (I do enjoy that it is a common set for the show now) where they track down the scientist who helped Victor escape. Clark heads to the home of the scientist to find him dead by "suicide", but he runs into Lex there at the same time. Lex says he was there to find out more about Syntechnics. Clark gives a call to Lana about the death of the scientist where she relays the information to Victor. Victor decides that before he dies, he wants to see his girlfriend one last time and heads to her home. But when he gets there he finds the head of Syntechnic there to capture him. Victor is taken back to the laboratory where they fix his arm and plan to implant a chip into his brain to moderate his emotions. Lex is there to talk to Victor before the procedure and leaves for the procedure to take place. Back at the barn, Lana tells Clark that Victor is missing and Clark figures that they must have recaptured him and decides to head to the laboratory. He arrives just in time to knock the doctors out and help Victor escape.

In the realm of blackmail, Martha waits at the Metropolis docks for the blackmailer. When he finally arrives, Lionel makes an entrance and scares the blackmailer off. Lionel begs for Martha to let him handle the situation and she agrees to Lionel's help. Back at his office, Lionel pays the blackmailer and reviews a copy of the DVD. While Lionel watches the video, he says "your secret is safe with me, Kal-El". This is a stunning twist, this would mean that Jar-El is still able to take control of Lionel's body and is using him to protect his son Kal-El from exposure. So Lionel is both an ally and an enemy to the Kent family, depending on who is in control of Lionel. This week's episode had a very good guest star in Cyborg in both in character and acting terms as he is one of the few "super hero" cameos that warrants a return to Smallville.


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