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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Lost 2.14: Sayid Starts His Own Army

We find an “Other”, Locke sees Egyptian and Sayid splinters off and creates his own army, one Hobbit at a time.

This episode was one of those that seems like it moves somewhere but then it doesn’t. From the previews from last week, it looked as though the timer would go down and that Sayid would torture an Other. Good enough right? Well, even though the episode delivered on those promises, it didn’t follow through on those promises. Sayid didn’t finish his torture and the timer didn’t STAY off. This was one of those times where you just felt like you were cheated out of an episode.

What we did find out, however, is interesting. Essentially a character development episode of Sayid, we find there is an even more sinister aspect of his past. We had all assumed that Saddam and the Republican Guard had trained Sayid to become the torturer we all know him and love him to be (see: Sawyer and not giving up the meds). But, it turns out that the Americans are the ones who turned him from loyal soldier to torturing machine. This is an obvious poke at the current regime but there is an also a nice tie in here. One of the soldiers that speaks to Sayid in the trucks turns out to be Kate’s father. He asks Sayid whether or not he has a wife or children and as he does this, he holds a picture of Kate.

What does this mean? Does this mean even more ties with everyone on the island? I think with all of these tie-ins with all of these characters, it’s a pretty safe bet that there is a REASON why all of these people are on this island. The coincidences are mounting up and the fact is, there are too many of them to think they ARE mere coincidences. It’s interesting to think about as to what the scope of the overall story.

Back to the episode at hand, there is another interesting development. The timer hits ZERO. At that point in time, the numbers begin to flip and then turn into hieroglyphics. Four of the five are revealed, and it turns out the symbols translate to, “TO CAUSE TO DIE”, or roughly “TO KILL”. At this point, Locke kills the shock of all viewers and inputs the numbers, hits enter, and then the numbers go back to 108. DAMN HIM! Oh well, now at least we THINK something happens when the counter hits zero.

Meanwhile, on the beach, Sayid and Charlie have a heart to heart. Sayid confesses that he KNOWS the captured man is an Other for the mere fact that he feels NO remorse for his actions. He then rallies Charlie to his cause, reminding him he was hanging from a tree, grasping for life, and that it is for this reason why Charlie should be a part of Sayid’s army. He didn’t say it in so many words as Jack did to Ana-Lucia, but… it was pretty evident.

And finally, to Jack. From this episode on, we’re going to be calling him, “Whiner”. For a guy who was all gung ho to go hunting for some Other’s and all jazzed to start a FREAKING army, well… what a wuss. He obviously is a man of conflicting purposes and it seems that he can’t do either well. You’re either a badass or the wussy doctor. Choose one side man! Make decisive choices or let someone else take the reigns man. You’re really beginning to bug the shit out of us!


  • hell yeah, jack is bugging me more and more with each passing episode. who the hell made him the boss man? wasn't jack the name of the kid in lord of the flies who turns all savage? that would be a great connection, but this jack is too much of a whiner to be a savage.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:12 PM, February 17, 2006  

  • Yeah, Jack's holier-than-thou additude has really started to piss me off in the past few episodes. Jack has seemed more nuttier than Locke and I guess the only people that haven't been tainted so far are Hurley and Sayid, both of which seem more sane than Locke and Jack.

    By Blogger lampy., at 6:25 PM, February 17, 2006  

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