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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

24 Day Five, 12-1 PM: The Revelation.

The conspiracy is exposed as Jack Bauer has an unusually busy hour in an unusually busy day.

Sorry about the late post everybody, classes just started up again this week and I totally brain farted about the 24 post even though it has been one of the best episodes thus far. The overall plot line was finally exposed as well as Walt Cummings and his involvement in the conspiracy. Walt Cummings eavesdrops in Novick's call with Jack Bauer and hears that Jack is coming to the President's compound to expose Walt's involvement with the terrorist acts that occurred thus far. In a surprisingly brilliant move, Walt confesses to President Logan about his involvement and the entire conspiracy. Walt says that the plan was for the terrorists to bring back the nerve gas back to their base in Russia and detonate the explosives in their base camp to prove that terrorists were in hands of WMD and thus preserve the future oil lines for the US. He thinks of himself as a patriot doing the actions needed to ensure the well-being of the future of the US and he is just using the Russian terrorists. He blackmails the President and that if he is taken down for this it will destroy the Presidency for Logan. Logan, being the biggest coward in the world, succumbs to the blackmail and agrees to arrest both Bauer and Novick until the operation is completed.

Jack has a lot going for him in this episode: he breaks up with Diane, gets Audrey back in love with him, and gets captured by the Secret Service at his meeting with Novick. That's only the first thirty minutes of the show. At the meeting with Novick, Bauer and Novick get arrested by the Secret Service and are held without charges. Jack was lucky enough to notice Aaron, the agent that used to work for President Palmer, and is able to convince him that Walt is a traitor that is undermining the President's authority. Aaron agrees to help Bauer get into the room with the President and Walt, where we see Jack Bauer do what Jack Bauer does best, and get information by any means necessary. After about a dozen punches to the chest of Walt he finally gets to the good stuff and pulls a knife out to cut out an eye from Walt. Walt folds (who wouldn't?) and gives up the location of the container that will be sent overseas to Russia containing the nerve gas. Job well done, okay everybody six hours in and we're done for the day. Whoops.

During the operation to recapture the stolen nerve gas, the strike team finds a man dead in the container box and empty boxes that once housed the nerve gas. Walt says that the dead man was his inside man, when Walt's cell phone rings. Walt answers on speaker phone and the terrorists that where to be double crossed were not to keen about the whole trap. They've decided instead of attacking Russia with the nerve gas that they'll hit US targets instead. Good one Walt, you ass. I guess that's why it's called 24 and not 6.

Many questions were answered and still a one remains lingering in my mind: How did Palmer know of this plan and why didn't he do more about it if he did know? This week's episode opened up the possibility that he was complacent in the operation thinking it was indeed for the better good, but was killed because he was tilting the other way? Anyhow, the usual 24 twist in the beginning of the season has finally occurred and I see smooth selling until the late season twist that always occurs. With Diane and her annoying son out of the picture, for the moment, things are looking bright and hopefully the tease that is Jack Bauer will finally get to go all the way and get some good wholesome torture in.


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