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Friday, February 03, 2006

Smallville 5.13: Anger Management.

We learn that 100 is greater than 101 as the episode after the 100th Smallville episode falls short to its sibling.

This week's episode of Smallville focused on the aftermath of Jonathan Kent's death. The episode introduced the stupidest character to date, or perhaps in the world, in the Zorro/Elektra hybrid known as Andrea. The episode dealt with three things: Lionel Luthor's attempt to regain control of LuthorCorp from Lex, Clark's reaction to the death of his dad, and finally Lionel's attempt to move in on the widow Martha Kent. The episode fulfilled the gap between last week's amazing episode and the return to normal. This week's episode was made just to ease the transition back into the normal Smallville episode scheme. One that was very weak in comparison to last week's episode.

The episode starts off with Martha being mugged while dropping off Jonathan's clothing to a shelter in Metropolis where she was having a meeting with the governor over Jonathan's senator's seat. Introduce the vigilante that wears a mask identical to Zorro, and make her Latino while you're at it, who saves Martha from being killed. A helicopter finally shows up and our masked vigilante makes her exit. After the break, Clark finds out about the attack and heads to The Daily Planet to find out what he can from Chloe. Chloe is already on it and Clark devises a plan in order to find their mystery woman.

Chloe walks the street as a masked man mugs her. In a very bad acting, Chloe does her scared "please save me" routine. Clark pulls off the mask and tells her to put more passion into it. Chloe goes bonkers and finally our masked vigilante makes her appearance. She starts a fight with Clark, one in which Clark obviously wins, and makes a few giant leaps to the top of a building. Clark is already on top when they play a game of show and tell about themselves. Andrea, as she is named, got her powers from a heart transplant from a girl that died during the Smallville meteor showers. Andrea shows Clark a necklace that she wears that will remind her of the donor's sacrifice for her. The necklace has a piece of Kryptonite rock. She roams the streets because her parents were murdered by a mugger and she was stabbed in the attack, hence the need for a heart transplant. They agree to work together to find the people who attacked Martha and the watch they took that belonged to Jonathan.

Clark and Andrea head to where the gang's "headquarters" and learn the phone number of the man who has Jonathan's watch. They find out it is stolen, but through some trickery are able to find out where the pizzas he orders are delivered, also known as his address. They show up to his place and Clark is about to kill Snake when Andrea shows up and he realizes he isn't "that" person. Andrea grows angry and uses her Kryptonite necklace to knock out Clark so she can kill him. Snake confesses that Andrea's parents were killed by the orders of Lionel Luthor, who is trying to buy the slums to make a profit. Andrea stabs Snake and heads to LuthorCorp headquarters. The man from the gang's "headquarters" shows up and finds Snake dead. He picks up Clark in order to kill him, but ends up just moving him away from the Kryptonite, how fortunate. Clark knocks the guy out and heads to LuthorCorp where he finds Andrea holding Lionel over the window. Andrea throws him out, but Clark saves the day while Andrea makes her escape.

Back at the Kent farm, Lionel shows up to talk to Martha. Martha knows that the governor has asked Martha to take Jonathan's place in office. Martha says she hasn't made a decision yet. Lionel offers any assistance if Martha ever needs it. In the barn, Clark finds his father's watch on the desk and Lana is there. Lana says she checked every pawnshop in Metropolis to find it. He puts it on and thanks her and heads back into the house. Inside, Martha is watching an old videotape of Jonathan with Clark as a child. They hug each other and cry.

Definitely the good-bye episode for Jonathan Kent, as it ties up any and all loose ends his death might bring. It finishes up with Clark and Martha coming to terms with Jonathan's death and opens the idea that Martha might be heading into the political world. Next week's episode returns us back to the world of Smallville we all know as Clark and Lois work together to track down a serial killer, aided by a spirit of one of the girls that he has killed that was inadvertently released by Lois. Yup, it sounds exactly as crazy as that. I just hope the writers can throw all of this craziness into a workable episode.


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