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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

24 Day Five, 1-2 PM: The Second Half Begins.

The characters from the original plot make their departure as Bauer starts his attempt to retrieve the nerve gas canisters once again.

This week's episode starts the second half of the journey this season. The mysteries have been solved and the main course of nerve gas and Jack Bauer begins. At the end of last week's episode the nerve gas has gone AWOL and this week's episode begins with Jack being reinstated by President Logan in order to find the nerve gas canisters. Other issues involving President Logan is the reconciliation between Logan and his wife as they work on a press statement together about the incident involving Walt Cummings. Later in the episode, the President and his wife will find Walt Cummings dead from an apparent suicide by hanging himself.

In other news, Spencer gets a short reprieve by CTU to help them out in hacking a security system for Jack and Curtis. Shortly after the success of the operation Spencer gets the boot and it will probably be the end of his stint on the show. In Lynn McGill's world (not The Shire), we learn his family's secret, a druggy sister who calls him to get some cash. At the meeting, He gets jumped, most likely his sister's boyfriend, and is robbed of everything. I wonder how he plans to explain this one at CTU when he can't get in with his security pass. I just hope his sister doesn't get much play in the show, I don't mind spending time in the lives of the characters that matter, but widening that to their family members as well does nothing more than hope that they get killed.

In the world of Bauer, Jack asks Audrey to find his daughter, Kim (is she really going to make a comeback to the show?), while he chases down a lead on the whereabouts of the nerve gas. The lead is a man, Andrei, which the Russian terrorists have called in regards to reprogramming the detonators of the nerve gas. Jack and Curtis get in and are able to capture Andrei and also find a sex slave as well. Jack starts laying down the law, AKA torture, when Lynn McGill at CTU tells him to make the deal to give him complete immunity and the added bonus of allowing him to take his sex slave too. Finally, Ivan, the terrorist, calls about meeting to reprogram the canisters. As they await a second call to be told the meeting place, the sex slave pulls out a gun and pops Andrei twice in the chest. Thanks sex slave, now what are we going to do?

The episode was quite direct and to the point. It provided the first step into retrieving the nerve gas canisters. At the beginning of the next episode, we should see the second phone call from Ivan and possibly see someone try to pretend to be Andrei on the phone. Most likely, we'll see some tech goodness from CTU and they'll probably have an electronic mock-up of Andrei's voice answering the phone. I just wonder if that's really feasible with him supposed to call back in five minutes. Next week's episode will, hopefully, have a meeting take place between Ivan and the terrorists with Bauer and his CTU bandits.


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