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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

24 Day Five, 2-3 PM: Bauer Being Bauer.

Jack Bauer goes rogue when he decides to save people's lives.

This week's episode of 24 has Jack Bauer going undercover as the recently deceased Rossler to deliver the new gas canister trigger chip to Erwich's men. The entire episode focused on the main plot, the gas canisters, with zero show time for any of the sub-plots. With all of the show's attention on the undercover operation, this week's episode proved to be one of the best episodes thus far in the season. In the world of the President Logan, Mike Novick convinces President Logan to change the press release about Walt Cumming's involvement in the terrorist attacks that have occurred. No point in dragging a dead man through the mud. This, of course, causes the First Lady, to have a nutty and President Logan makes her tell Walt's wife, when she arrives, about his involvement in the terrorist acts if she really wants to disclose what happened to the public.

Jack meets with Erwich's men to deliver and install the trigger chip, when they decide to take him with them to make sure that the chip works. I still have no idea that none of them know what their #1 enemy looks like. If the biggest threat to you is known, wouldn't you think it'd be in your best interest if you and your men know what he looks like? Anyways, back to fiction, the men take the undercover Bauer to a shopping mall (I swear all malls do look alike), where they decide to release the gas in the ventilation system. Back at CTU, Lynn McGill, the best friend hobbit who has been recently mugged by his sister and her boyfriend, decides to let them release the gas in hopes that after their victory they will take Bauer back to where the other 19 canisters are hidden. Buchanan wants the President to decide the course of action and gives him a call. The President is forced into his latest moral dilemma, one in which he seems to fail every hour, where he decides to allow the release of the gas in hopes of recovering the remaining 19 canisters.

Back at the mall, Bauer, being Bauer, decides not to follow orders and gives them the wrong trigger code. The men handcuff him in the other room after a thorough beating that I doubt Jack would have allowed to go unanswered had he not been undercover. The men give Erwich a call for further orders, where they receive new instructions on how to release the gas. They are able to activate the canister and are going to kill Bauer before leaving, when Bauer busts a move, in the murdering sense, and kills one of the men and takes his gas mask. The other man escapes and Bauer is able to stop the canister from releasing any further gas. From there he gets a security guard to order the evacuation of the mall, and reaches the ventilation's power and turns it off. People are dropping in the food court, not due to the mall's food for once, and Bauer, of course, rescues one of the victims. The victim is a 7 year old girl that is saved by the miracle that is Bauer. Estimates are of 10-20 dead in the mall, pretty small in the grand scale of things. Walt's wife shows up at the President's compound to claim the body, Martha, the First Lady, starts to talk to her, but chickens out and decides having her husband dying is more than enough without pouring on the fact he was a traitor to his country, yea that was a hard decision all the way. /end sarcasm.

Bauer and Co. decide to go after the terrorist that escaped, good idea, and he takes them to the garage where Erwich is or rather was. Erwich sensing him being followed decided to am-scray to across the street to see if his man was followed or not. He was, so Erwich gives him a call about it and he "knows what to do", thus shooting himself in the head. Considering it all, I would think a large bomb placed at the garage for Bauer and Co. would have been a nice added bonus and quite realistic in terms of terrorists. The episode was solid through and through, with no show time for the other, actually quite annoying, sub-plots, the episode was a top-notch show of how Bauer being Bauer is more than enough for any episode. Next week's previews show a pissed off President about the operation at the mall and possibly a second arrest, or at least an attempt to, of Jack Bauer. All this and more on the next 24.


  • I, too, was looking for the building that they were working on the canisters to blow up. And then it didn't.

    Oh well.

    24 rules.

    By Anonymous Bird., at 4:08 PM, February 16, 2006  

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