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Monday, January 09, 2006

The West Wing 7.10: Dead Men Tell Some Tales After All.

The return from the Winter hiatus stars a dead man.

The first episode after the passing of John Spencer, Leo McGarry on the show and the VP to the Democratic Nominee, features Leo preparing for the upcoming VP debate. His performances in the prep sessions are horrid and a great fear overcomes the campaign. A leak about Leo's horrid debate sessions happens and expectations are lowered to freezing low levels. Oddly the first episode that comes out after John Spencer's death is one of the few episodes he is a center of attention in. I wonder how many more episodes he was able to get in before passing. Also, how will they write off his character and make it realistic and relevant to the plot of The West Wing. This would give much more credence to the idea that Vinick will win the election over Santos. Although, this seems reasonable in order to solve the problem of the death of a key character, evidence in this season and last season has proved that Santos is the shows main horse because the exposure he receives in episodes outweighed that of Vinick's.

The episode contained some friction between Santos and his wife, Helen (Teri Polo), Ben Stiller's girlfriend in Meet the Parents. Mostly, it involved the stress you would think a presidential campaign would put on a marriage. Nothing special, except for one line said by Helen in whom she hasn't decided if she wanted her husband to win or not. Finally the VP debate comes and goes and Leo didn't self-destruct as many thought he would. He also informs Josh that he was the one who leaked his bad performances in order to lower the expectations on him. In other West Wing news, Will and Kate continue their mating dance as they finally go out on a date, in Will's office, while watching the VP debate. I like the idea of putting them together, but it's pretty painful to watch.

Next week's episode will involve President Bartlet's son-in-law, Doug, as news about a sex scandal will become public. Doug, a congressman, is married to Bartlet's oldest daughter and is apparently involved with the nanny, as the previews lead us to believe. We'll also see if the streak of episodes involving a dead man is extended to two, but I'm not hopeful, Leo barely scratched the episodes in importance and this week's episode was a spike in participation in The West Wing.


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