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Friday, December 30, 2005

Status of Arrested Development

If you haven't heard by now, FOX has cut its order of the third season of Arrested Development down from a full season to 13 and has officially cancelled the show. I really don't know what to say. I just want to cry.

One of the most brilliant shows on TV right now is going to way of the Dodo due to the fact that the marketing department at FOX has their heads up their collective asses and couldn't market an award winning show due to the fact that American Idol et al have essentially created a brain-numbing teenage audience ignorant to the hilarious nuggets of comedy offered by this great show. As such, I will not be writing recaps of each episode any longer due to the fact that, well, it just sucks too much to do the count down until the show is no longer on the air. Fox, if you happen upon this, please order the rest of the season to allow the writers the ability to close out the story completely and then throw it on DVD. Then we can buy it all up again and then you can contemplate bringing back another show you cancelled to make room for American Idol: Toddler Edition.

In all seriousness, please go buy Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD and watch this show. I swear you will not be disappointed. I just don't know about FOX sometimes. It seems as if the people who greenlight shows are badass (see: Firefly, Arrested Development) but the marketing people are fucking moronic teeny boppers who want more reality TV shows. FOX is so schizophrenic sometimes I swear I want it to be institutionalized. In any event, I'll be watching this season as it unwraps for us and then once all episodes have been aired, I'll do a total season recap and then mourn a loss of a family member. A funny, blue, failed magician, mother loving, incestuous family member.


  • Holy crap!


    This is terrible news!

    Arrested Development is such an amazing show...arghhh...IM SO ANGRY & SADDENED

    Oh yeah, by the way, just stumbled upon your blog from a search...pretty nice.

    Will be here in the future no doubt!


    By Blogger Dreamologist, at 6:29 PM, December 30, 2005  

  • Yes, I agree, FOX is terrible when it comes to holding onto good shows. Some examples include: Firefly, Family Guy, Furturama, and now Arrested Development. There are rumors of FOX selling the show to another network, but the chances of that happening are slim. :(

    By Blogger lampy., at 1:13 AM, December 31, 2005  

  • Yeah, I wouldn't hinge on Hurwitz & Co. convincing FOX to give them TV rights and then allowing them to negociate with another network. The best we can do is watch these next few episodes and relish them while we can. I currently own both seasons on DVD and rewatch them constantly. Just such a good show. Oh, and welcome by the way dreamologist!

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 7:01 PM, January 01, 2006  

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