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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

24 Day Five, 5-8 PM: CTU Gets Back Handed, Closed Fist.

Three hours of 24 that could have easily been made into a movie.

Okay, so I missed last week's post, but I'm coupling the two hour 24 from last week's with its conclusion from this week's episode of 24. In the first hour, 5-6 PM, nothing much happens except Jack interrogates Christopher Henderson, the man that tried to kill Jack and former CTU mentor. During the interrogation Jack knows he won't be able to break Henderson through pain, so instead he shoots Henderson's wife in the leg. By far the best technique of torture employed by Jack Bauer in the history of 24. Unfortunately, Henderson keeps his mouth shut and Jack takes Henderson in for some medical torture.

Back at CTU in the next hour, 6-7 PM, Jack finally reunites with his daughter Kim (Elisha Cuthbert is such a nice addition to any scene). The reunion goes south as Kim gives her dad the cold shoulder over faking his death. It looks like Kim was left by Chase (you'd know him if you watched previous seasons of 24) and hit rock bottom after her dad's "death". In the end, father and daughter get to spend some quality time together after the Russian's release a canister of nerve gas in CTU. The terrorist got into CTU by using the key card Lynn's sister stole from him. Most of our known characters get safely into a secure room, but at the end of the episode we see Edgar Stiles bite it right in front of everyone. One of the best conclusions to an episode of 24 ever. The end ticker was silent and this technique has only been used once before at the end of the very first season of 24 when Jack holds the dead body of his wife, Terri.

In the final hour of the saga on the attack on CTU, the nerve gas slowly eats away at the room's sealing and a plan must be made. We learn about Kim's new boyfriend as he helps Chloe deal with her shock over seeing Edgar die in front of her. Eventually, Jack forces Chloe to do her job and gives the new boyfriend a choke. Seriously, Jack chokes the guy because he thinks he took advantage of Kim's vulnerability and everyone just watches. They really just sit there and watch. It is quite hilarious. Chloe finds that a program is stopping the air conditioners from venting the nerve gas out of CTU and Jack is forced to play hero once more. Surprisingly, Jack is unable to get the job done and is forced to hand it off to Lynn McGill? Well, I guess they wanted the hobbit to go out on a high note and Lynn is forced to go into the gas and save everyone's lives. Lynn gets the job done and bites the dust, finally.

In the medical ward, Tony finds out that Henderson, the man who killed his wife, is in the same area as him. Tony is about to play executioner when Henderson wakes up from his coma(?) and reverses the roles. Jack shows up in time to hold Tony as he is dying and gives a very unimpressive scene with him crying, or trying at least. With Henderson escaping, we can quickly see what will be in next week's episode and is Tony really dead or just dying?

In the other plot line of this episode, the Vice-President makes his first appearance as he aids President Logan. He suggests that Logan initiate martial law and only allow military personnel on the streets in order to stifle the movements of the terrorists. Novick disagrees, but as well all know a Vice-President always trumps a Chief-of-Staff in the game of war. Novick decides to approach The First Lady, Martha, and get her to trump the Vice-President about initiating martial law. The final issue of this week's episode is that CTU will soon be under the control of Homeland Security in next week's episode and this will inevitably lead to conflict.

Without a doubt, the CTU attack was new to the world of 24 and the reunion between Jack and Kim added a bit of flavor to the show. After the nerve gas is released, Kim and Jack part ways and I wonder if her stint on 24 really restricted to a handful of episodes. I hope not, but I certainly hope they don't decide that she should be kidnapped just to keep her in the show. I cannot take another Kim kidnapping, I swear if they do it I will absolutely, positively do nothing about it because I'm a sucker and will continue to watch anyway.


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