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Thursday, March 02, 2006

24 Day Five, 4-5 PM: The Gamble Doesn't Pay Off.

Man, I hate hobbits. Seriously.

Monday's episode of the 24 finally ends the reign of the hobbit's in power at CTU and makes a reference all the way back to the first season. The lingering story line from the previous episode is the First Lady's decision to make the gamble that her husband would prevent the terrorist attack on the Russian President if she was in the car with him. Bad call, President Logan's brain goes into overload but eventually he does nothing to prevent the attack.

At CTU, the chatter of a possible attack on the Russian motorcade is the reason the reign of Lynn McGill, the hobbit, ends with a whimper. Lynn decides that there isn't enough evidence to take it to the President, in fear of being embarrassed. Audrey decides to get Curtis to relieve Lynn of command for incompetence, or rather being too crazy to be competent. Curtis then informs the President and the Secret Service of the possible attack on the Russian motorcade that the President knows is already going to happen. The Secret Service is able to hold off the attack by the terrorists saving the lives of the First Lady and the Russian President. Unfortunately, the terrorists believe that President Logan betrayed their agreement and will be releasing the nerve gas on U.S. targets.

Jack is still on the lead of his disgraced mentor, Peter Weller, who's now a VP at the company that manufactured the nerve gas for the U.S. Weller was the former head of CTU until Jack was assigned to investigate him. Though no charges were filed, Weller was relieved of his post and disgraced, the reference is found in the first season of 24 when Jack was considered a rat by Tony Almeida. Well it turns out Jack was right about Weller after all when he is stuck in a room with a bomb that's about to go off. Jack goes into Bauer mode and is able to move the bomb far enough away and is able to hide under a floor panel and survives the blast.

Next week there will be a double whammy of 24 with two new episodes back-to-back. The promo has one former cast member making a return, Kim Bauer. Of course, she was by far the most annoying character on 24, mostly in the first season, but it does do wonders to the plot with her being reunited with dear father after she thought he was dead. I just hope they decide to give her a high ratio of camera time to number of lines as possible. Also, Weller being an official bad guy is now on Bauer's bad side and cleaning him up will also tie up a first season plot line. I just hope they don't have Kim being kidnapped for about the 300th time and Jack doing "whatever it takes" to get her back. I got it the first time, Jack loves his daughter.


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