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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

24 Day Five, 11-12 PM: The Bauer Triangle.

Love fills the air in CTU as nerve gas threatens to fill the lungs of Southern California citizens.

This week's episode of 24 was a solid filler show that reveals the mole within CTU, but not really. Fox has yet again used footage from the episode after this in promoting this week's episode. Fox has started the trend of suckering people in with footage from beyond the horizon to keep us hooked on the line. No more, I say, no more! Who am I kidding? I'm going to watch it anyways, but die a little inside each time. Well, anyways, Jack is being returned back to CTU, while Curtis and his men track down the fake hostage. The trail leads them to a warehouse where a cache of nerve gas was stolen. CTU learns that the nerve gas is weapon grade, but may not be the American governments. Their entire operation in CTU is overseen by Lynn McGill, Frodo's best friend Sam, sent from division. Jack arrives at CTU and is cleared of all charges by Lynn. Audrey has an awkward interview with Diane and the awkwardness gets bumped up to epic levels when Jack arrives. The love triangle known as Jack Bauer has begun, but who ISN'T in love with Jack? The only thing missing is for Audrey to say she had a baby while Jack was "dead" and it's his. That would have been great and I would have turned the TV off right there.

Back at the President's camp, Martha Logan, the crazy First Lady, awakens from her chloroformed induced sleep and finds her evidence about President Palmer's call gone. Her story makes her look insane and President Logan, with some pushing from the mole Walt Cummings, Chief of Staff and friend of the President, to be put back in the nut house. Walt makes a call to CTU and gets his mole within it to open a way for a hit man to come and kill Jack at CTU because he is becoming dangerously close to their plan. Spencer who looks too obvious to being a mole turns out to be the mole, but not quite. Walt informs the First Lady's aide to pack some things for a trip. The First Lady notices the packing and concludes in her paranoid state that she is going to be committed and uses the bathroom to escape.

Back at CTU, Spencer gets the assassin pass the security, but his betrayal is discovered by Chloe, who he nailed the night before. Yes, I understand your skepticism; I too would have thought Chloe would have male genitalia as well, but it turns out she just has a giant stick up her ass. Spencer gets taken into a holding room where he is interrogated, but the assassin is free to roam the grounds. Jack comes down to visit the incapacitated Tony, but is met with a hit man trying to kill him. Jack, showing no rust, deals with the hit man in the Bauer way. A photo of the hit man is shown to Spencer and he finally confesses that he was asked by the White House, mainly Walt Cummings, to be their eyes and ears.

The exposure of Walt Cummings as a mole will be great for next week's episode, unless Fox is once again showing footage of an episode beyond next week's in which I will cry at the end of next week's episode. The internal battle for President Logan between trusting his chief of staff and the fugitive Bauer looks like he will side with Walt. A large question still on my mind is how did President Palmer know of the impending attack and why was he even considering not telling anyone? This giant cloud looms 24 for me as it appears to be a very important question that needs to be answered. Well, next week Bauer gets arrested by the President's men and Walt and President Logan have it out about their possible betrayal. The questions about Martha Logan and the Bauer love triangle will hopefully be answered, but those would be merely bonuses to the main dish.


  • Yeah, I hate FOX now. They are totally overusing teaser footage from shows two to four shows down the pipe. It's absolutely annoying. I mean, if the show stands up on its own merits then show the real stuff, not stuff we're not going to see for 3-4 weeks. But I guess it's all about ratings and not good showmanship.

    Remember how many shows Scofield had the laser on his forehead until we finallllly got to find out the situation he was in? Ridiculous.

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 11:33 AM, January 24, 2006  

  • Just another example of how FOX does its darndest to ruin everything they touch. If they find a way to ruin 24, I will denounce tv.

    By Anonymous Bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?, at 10:12 PM, January 26, 2006  

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