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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

24 Day Five, 8-9 PM: A Whole Lot of Something.

Revelations that'll choke you or some people anyway...

This week's episode of 24 is a great chaser to the shot that was the plot of the nerve gas being released at CTU. President Logan decides to go ahead with martial law at the behest of VP Gardner, Wayne Palmer has a mysterious delivery to give to Aaron Pierce, and Homeland Security gobbles the remains of CTU like Pac-Man and a white pixel (seriously what the hell are those things suppose to be). Also did I mention that Jack Bauer catches the bad guy? Sort of.

With Tony Almeida officially dead (they pull a sheet over your face on a TV/movie and you know they're dead) and Henderson escaping CTU (he will so be a revenge kill for Bauer), CTU is left without a lead to follow until about 5 minutes later when Chloe "finally" decrypts a file on Henderson's hard drive about a woman, Colette Bierko, who may have had contact with our Russian terrorist. Bauer and Co. get to the hotel that she is staying in and only find her Euro trash boyfriend, Theo, who turns out to be German Intelligence in undercover. Theo refuses to give up Colette as she is too valuable an asset to German Intelligence, but Bauer does a horse trade and gives him the US list of known terrorists for her. Theo agrees to the deal and sets up Colette to be captured. After her capture Theo attempts to upload the file to his agency but it goes up in smoke Mission: Impossible style. Looks like Jack double crossed the Germans and I could have sworn he was still wanted by the Chinese.

At the President's compound, President Logan makes a statement about imposing martial law despite the objections from his wife and his chief of staff. Aaron Pierce also gets a call from Wayne Palmer asking for a private meeting so that Wayne can give Pierce something the late President Palmer would have wanted him to have. On the way there, Wayne is attacked by what seems to be a hit group, but is able to run away before he is killed. The only other person besides Pierce that knew he was coming was the VP and the VP's assistant. One of whom must have ordered the attack on Wayne Palmer.

With Colette captured by CTU, she offers the information she does have for immunity. They agree, but the information she does have only involves the person who gave her the schematics that the Russian terrorists wanted. That person works at the DoD and his, rather her, name is Audrey Raines. Duh-nah-nah! Colette obviously has nothing to gain from lying as she has no desire to protect the Russian terrorists and risk her immunity. It doesn't appear like she knew Jack was close with Audrey and the only explanation is either someone who said they were "Audrey Raines" sold her the schematics, or Audrey indeed is a traitor. Next week's episode gets intense as Jack interrogate Audrey and even gives her a little choke action to help facilitate the conversation. Without question, next week's episode will be far and away a top-notch episode as Wayne makes his way to the President's compound to delivery something to Pierce that is worth killing/dying for and Audrey, possibly, takes a beating from Jack.


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