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Friday, January 20, 2006

Smallville 5.11: The Show Before the Show.

The 99th episode of Smallville only serves to setup the 100th episode next week.

This week's episode highlights the missing spaceship, the growing divide in Clark and Lana's relationship, and the shrinking chasm between Lex and Lana's relationship. An attempted kidnapping of Lex ends with him in the panic room and two cops, gone bad, outside waiting him out. Meanwhile, at the Kent farm, Clark and Lana are studying while Lana tries to do more than study. Clark, of course, disappoints Lana since getting his powers back means he also has ED now. It's the price of being super. Lana finally reveals she has been working on the spaceship with Lex before she leaves. On the drive home, Lana is pulled over by a cop and is taken back to the Lex manor as a means to smoke Lex out of his panic room. Lana is shown to Lex and Lex is given the choice of coming out, or seeing Lana get shot. Lex chooses to come out, because he's so in love with Lana, and they both make an attempt to escape, but just end up back in the panic room with an extra bullet in Lex's chest. In the panic room, Lex confesses that he doesn't know where the spaceship is anymore and passes out.

Back at the Kent farm, Clark talks to his mom about his sex troubles, when Martha suggests he should tell trust Lana with the secret of his powers in the same way Pete and Chloe are. Clark is unsure, since he can't trust Lana with his secret, but can't see anyone else in his life, seriously Clark get over it. Clark heads over to Chloe's for advice, but Chloe chooses to abstain. Chloe gets a call and learns that Lana's car has been found abandoned on the side of the road. Clark heads over to Lana's car and finds Sheriff Adams there. Clark locates a GPS tracker placed under the car and runs off to get more information. Sheriff Adams is informed of a silent alarm at the Lex manor and calls Harris to get an update. Harris is the second cop at the Lex manor and says that it's all clear. Adams decides to head to the manor herself in order to get in good with the potentially next state senator. The only thing she finds is a bullet in the back from Harris.

Lois is at the Kent campaign center when Jonathan asks her where all the funds are coming from for all the new ads. Lois confesses that it came from Lionel Luthor and since there are obviously no campaign contribution caps in this universe makes sense. Clark is at The Daily Planet with Chloe researching the GPS serial number. They learn it came from a cop named Flynn who was discharged from the police force. Clark and Chloe sneak into the psychiatry ward and find the tapes of Flynn's therapy sessions where he blames Lex for the spaceship and his burnt hand. Clark runs off to the Lex manor where he finds Sheriff Adams dead and Lex badly injured. Lex tells Clark that Lana left with the cops to where the spaceship used to be hidden. At the warehouse, Lana arrives with the others where we learn the evil plan they have for the spaceship. They plan to plant a large bomb, knowing it won't damage the spaceship, but causing a large enough explosion to draw the attention of reporters to the blast site. They get to the spaceship's empty spot and Lana makes an attempt for escape, but is knocked out as the bomb becomes activated in the action. Clark super speeds in and saves Lana during the explosion; Smallville always has very top notch CGI work.

Flynn and Harris are taken off by the police and Lana admits to Clark that it was her idea to lead the bad guys off in order to save Lex, who saved her life earlier by taking a bullet for her. Pretty much exactly like that. At the Kent farm, Jonathan comes to terms about Lionel's campaign contribution by deciding to sell the farm to pay it all back. Next week's episode is the 100th Smallville episode and has been promised to finally kill off someone close to the Clark. Something I've been waiting for since the beginning of the season. My money is on Chloe still, but I'm betting they wuss out and kill a minor character instead. I hope they prove me wrong next week.


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