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Monday, January 16, 2006

The West Wing 7.11: Family Politics.

C.J. has to deal with Bartlet family problems, while trying to end genocide.

This week's episode was a C.J. centric episode as she deals with many situations. This is a great change of pace as the shift from the campaigns to the White House in probably one of the few White House centric episodes left in the Bartlet administration. The show starts off with her on a date with reporter Danny Concannon when he tells her about rumors of a possible affair between Doug Westin, Bartlet's son-in-law running for Congress, and the nanny. This ends the date in about five minutes. After the break, C.J. is in her office trying to deal with the possible embarrassment of the president by the story of the affair breaking and also trying to find a way to prevent the further genocide in Darfur. Her solution to the first is to ask Will to find out the truth to the rumors and to solve the second she tries to bargain a way to pass a U.N. resolution to sanction the Sudanese government without China vetoing the sanctions. This is more an attempt to grasp at lasting glory by C.J. as the impending end of their reign in the White House grows near.

During all of this, Josh is at the White House coordinating the administration with the campaign and tries to pressure C.J. into letting President Bartlet announce a major federal research facility with Santos in Austin to improve Santos' chances of winning Texas. C.J. is hesitant as she had already promised a senator from Kentucky not to announce it until after the election in order to help the senator's reelection chances. Josh proposes a solution in which C.J. agrees with doing. C.J. also confirms the truth to the rumors of the affair by promising to going on another date with Danny Concannon. She calls Doug for a meeting where she forces his hand to withdraw his request for President Bartlet to campaign for him in New Hampshire. C.J. also brokers a deal with the Chinese to not veto the oil sanctions on the Sudanese government. The Chinese ambassador said something very intriguing when he told C.J. that capitalism and the US system of government is based on economics and not morality as the US would like everyone to think.

At the mandatory date with Danny Concannon, just as Danny appeared to be gearing up to asking C.J. to marry him, she gets a page of great emergency and has to leave. She gets to the White House and learns that a nuclear accident may be taking place in California. Next week's episode appears to be focused on this accident and how the campaigns will try to deal with this situation. This episode will probably be one of the last White House centric, and in this case C.J. centric, episodes until the next administration. The question will be if it is a Republican or a Democratic White House. Currently, the amount of air time that the Santos campaign has seen in comparison to the Vinick campaign suggests that it will be a Democratic administration once again, but I think Vinick will be the winner just for a change of perspective that will certainly change the identity of The West Wing.


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