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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Prison Break 1.08: The Conspiracy Breaks!

Prison Break picked up where it left off and was one of the more satisfying shows thus far.

After the long layoff, I was glad to have something to look forward to on Monday’s after work. Prison Break has definitely become a staple of my Monday night viewing and tonight it showed why. We had ample doses of Scofield & Co. in the prison progressing their plans, had the revelation of just how big the conspiracy was and we had more development of the relationship between the Doc and Scofield. I felt the show was very well paced and never really bogged down. My only gripe with the show now is the LJ, Burrow’s son. Whilst I am trying to understand that his character has just seen the murder of his parents and must fight and flee the conspiracy, I just don’t understand his overacting. His grimace is one to rival that of Snarl on Lost. I mean, it is really just horrid. I guess the same could be said of everyone on the show having one face and using it over and over, LJ’s over acting and grimace nearly kills the suspense of the scene. Here we have the big bad Secret Service coming down on Burrow’s family, expertly offing the family and framing LJ in the process, and the only thing I can focus on the screen is LJ and his growing over exaggeration and widening grimace. I might be nitpicking but still it’s a valid point; his overacting is killing any scene he is involved in. But I’m off track here. Back to the conspiracy.

The show finally showed its cards and they are some good ones. They have the Secret Service running around offing anyone close to the case, and are utilizing their scare tactics to their fullest. We saw how they will not stop at anything to ensure Burrows dies, and I was especially impressed with the “news reporter” who threatened Burrows. I knew she wasn’t good but I didn’t anticipate just how threatening she was going to be. Also, when we saw how they were going to frame LJ, we caught a glimpse into the expertise they employed to frame Burrows for the murder of the Vice Presidents brother. I think it reinforces the fact that was uttered by Nick, the Cold Case Lawyer: “This is bigger.” We finally understood the exact lengths to which the conspiracy will go. Also, the twist of Vegetable Cutting Woman being the Vice President was a good one. Now we know just how far up the conspiracy goes. We also can surmise that the President, who looks to be out of the loop, could be used in future episodes to help out the Good Guys. Good execution of the conspiracy plot which I had been so critical of before.

Meanwhile, back in the prison, we’re treated to a nice twist. I didn’t see it coming when they mentioned that they needed to get into the storage room and then it was revealed it’s a freaking C.O. break room. A really good twist. One character that I am hoping they are going to kill is Teabag. I just don’t know how they will do it, but man, he is killing the flow of the breakout. As if the breakout wasn’t enough tension, the writers felt they needed to add some more melodrama with the inclusion of Teabag. For me, his inclusion feels forced and done just to create more interpersonal drama, which in light of the whole breaking out of prison break, was not needed and seems superfluous. Hopefully he dies. That’s all we can hope for!

Another thread developing that I feel more optimistic about is the relationship between Scofield and the Doc. As she delves more and more into Scofield’s case, we know it’s going to come to a head. She is either going to find out what he is planning to do (since she’s already caught him in a lie) or there is going to be a developing love interest there. Either case, it’s going to complicate things and I hope it’s the former rather than the latter. The storyline could develop to where she takes part in the break out, which would be really interesting to see how the writers justify that. I just really like where that relationship is going and I want to see what happens when she finds out the truth. It’s going to be a good scene. Another great show which makes strides not only in the break out but also the development of the conspiracy and the flourishing relationship between Scofield and the Doc. Next week we get a glimpse of how they are going to open up St. Louis, which should be another good show. Can’t wait!


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