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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Alias 5.04, Smallville 5.04: An Evil Alliance and a League of Justice is Born.

The late update is perfectly timed to recap last week's episodes as this week's episodes are about to show. Get caught up on what you may have missed in last week's episodes.

Last week's episode of Alias returned to a time honored tradition of having the show's intro start in the middle of the episode's storyline and ending at a cliff hanger that is resolved in the episode. If that sounds confusing, it really isn't, they just cut a slab from the middle of the episode's plotline and put it at the beginning of the show. In this case, Sydney finishes up an op in Monte Carlo and is driving to the ferry to head back home, when her car is lifted into the air by one of those construction/junkyard vehicles with a giant magnet. If anybody knows the name of that thing, feel free to spread the knowledge. Well, the intro ends with a phone call from her new nemesis Gordon Dean, the bad man who killed Vaughn, and he tells her to deliver "Mockingbird" within the hour or be dropped to her doom, doom I say! Something like that. End intro, cut to Alias name tag.

Return from commercials, a 72 hours earlier tag, Rachel is furiously writing her statement about working at "The Shed", the evil organization that tricked its employees into thinking they were the CIA, when Sydney asks Rachel about "Mockingbird" because it appeared many times in her reports. Rachel explains that Mockingbird was her call sign back at The Shed, hooray the mystery in the intro is solved! Meanwhile at the bad guy's new headquarters, Gordon Dean is talking to a man named Keach about an assignment involving an unseen target, which is later revealed in the episode. Peyton, second in command, tells Dean that he needs to insert his password to transfer funds to build their new headquarters. Back at APO, Marshall informs the team he has discovered that Dean has transferred funds from all of his accounts into a single account in the Caymans, all thanks to Rachel's intel. Rachel explains that she was the one who set up that account and that there is a way to get to them, by following Dean's protocols at the bank. The protocols require answering a random assortment of questions at the bank, and the answers to the question are in a server back at The Shed and were most likely destroyed by the EMP.

Sydney asks Rachel to go with her to Prague in order to locate the server and Marshall's recovery software will help reconstruct the data. Rachel reluctantly agrees after a pep-talk from Sydney. Dixon and Tom, the new guy, head off to the bank in the Caymans where Sydney will feed them the answers to the questions. Once at The Shed, they go through the debris and locate the server and it is partly melted together with some skin, pretty nasty stuff. Rachel starts to reconstruct the data on her laptop and fights through the anxiety of the half-skin/half-machine server, as well as all the other human body parts still around from the explosion. Back at the Caymans, Dixon and Tom enter the makeshift bank, which is a tent on the beach, and start to answer random questions in order to access the account. Except for a minor hiccup, which they buy time for in the "fake an argument to buy time" manner, answer the questions and access Dean's account and transfer all of the funds out of it.

During all of this, Sloane's hearing is underway with Jack watching. The board's head lists the crimes Sloane has committed and is in disbelief to how Sloane obtained such pardon agreements. Sloane admits his past mistakes and that he is reformed. Later that night in Sloane's cell, he is approached by Keach; the man hired by Dean for an assignment, this assignment, and is offered help in swaying the board to free him for the obvious price of his allegiance. Sloane considers the offer and at his sentencing the next day is freed by the board. As Sloane leaves the building, we see Keach sitting on a bench as they are now connected.

Back at the new evil doer’s headquarters, Dean and Peyton learn their account has been cleaned out and that the only person able to pull it off is Rachel, aka Mockingbird. In order to get rid of this threat, they create a plan in order to get her back into their hands. This is where the beginning of the show takes place; the op is to steal an archive of Dean's operations from a casino. The op requires Rachel to be within a certain range of the safe in order to hack into it. She volunteers to be hidden in the trunk of the car Sydney drives. Tom acts as the valet and drives the car into the parking lot of the casino parking under the safe that holds the archive of Dean's operations. The operation goes as planned and Sydney grabs the archive and drives away with Rachel in the trunk to the ferry on her way back home. At this point, her car is lifted into the air by Dean where he demands that the she turn "Mockingbird" over to him if she doesn't want to become a pancake. Sydney tells Rachel to call Dean from the trunk pretending to be on route to being transferred by the CIA. During the call a foghorn sounds off in the background, this enlightens Dean to the fact that Rachel is actually in the trunk of the car and tells Peyton to drop the car. Sydney, in a MacGyver maneuver: has Rachel kick the backseat of the car down and climb out, breaks the windshield with the carjack, climbs out the windshield, and holds the carjack to the magnet saving them both from the fall. I guess the magnetism is still strong enough to hold the two of them up even when it's off.

This week's episode will, hopefully, provide an insight into the new relationship between Dean and Sloane. Also, what will the future attempts on Rachel's life be, if any? These are the two continuing plot lines that will be fleshed out in the episodes to come, as well as the previous plot line of that guy coming back to life in a box?!@?!?@ Come on, the last two episodes lacked any now information on this, this week's episode better have something on it! As always, we can hope but never expect.

The episode of Smallville was a must-watch, until you saw it. The episode was a cameo episode to introduce Aquaman to the world. Just like the episode with kiddie Flash, this episode was supposed to provide a nice little something to the Superman fans of old. Unlike the Flash episode, this episode had a very bad flow to it all, and was primarily due to the fact that Aquaman, aka A.C., was cast to a complete retard of an actor. Thank goodness this was only one episode of Aquaman, or else he would kill Smallville without a doubt. Also in this episode, we saw the return of Lois Lane to the show and her new nose job. It was quite obvious she got a nose job and she looks worse now than before. I never knew you could pay someone to make you look worse. Anyhow, onward!

The show starts with a party by the lake with Clark and Lana meeting up with Chloe and Lois. Lois goes off into the lake and dives from a floating platform in the middle of the lake right into a piece of driftwood, knocking her out. Chloe and Clark see her being under the water for too long, I guess they notice those kinds of things, and Clark is off to save the day, hooray! That slightly rhymed as well by the way. Clark going at super speed in the water sees someone else, even faster than he is, saves Lois. Cut to the Smallville name tag.

Back from commercials, Clark enters his first class of World History late and is noticed by Professor Milton Fine, he is suppose to be Brainiac (super computer from Krypton that becomes Superman's enemy). I still have no idea how superheroes are ever late to anything, they do have superpowers right? During the lecture, the good Professor talks about Lex Luthor and compares him to Hitler and Stalin, and Clark defends his former friend. Professor Fine is impressed by Clark's conviction and offers him a job as a research assistant, Clark denies the jobs, but by the end of the episode will accept the job.

At the Talon, the mystery hero, Aquaman, Arthur Curry, aka A.C., chats to Lois and gets a swimming date. During their swim, A.C., wearing the Aquaman green bottom and orange top, hears a high-pitch noise and swims to its source, but is unable to stop it and swims back to shore and falls to the ground bleeding from his ears. In the lake, you begin to see dead fishes start to surface on the water. A cut to Lex shows him getting a briefing from an assistant on the military project "Leviathan" being successful, despite its side-effects on the sea life.

Clark and Chloe play investigator researching A.C., they learn he is a student at the University of Miami, hence the green/orange style (very creative writing), majoring in marine biology, and besides that doesn't have much of a criminal record, except for breaking into a dolphin tank and freeing them back into the ocean. Sounds like an environmental terrorist to me. Clark decides to follow A.C. around and catches him planting an explosive in a lab, Leviathan. Clark absorbs the explosion and A.C. takes off in the water. Clark catches up to A.C. and they have a quick underwater fight. A.C. knocks Clark around with a water-ball(?) and knocks him out of the water with one of them. After all of this, Clark returns home and A.C. is there to explain why he was planting an explosive in the lab. Clark convinces A.C. to come with him to talk to Lex about Leviathan. Lex, now being a full-fledged villain, denies everything and from an underwater surveillance camera sees that A.C. has superpowers. Clark and A.C. leave the Luthor mansion and A.C. returns to the lake. But before he can jump in, he is hit with a tranquilizer and awakes in the lab strapped down.

A.C. is dehydrated, like a fish out of water, and is taunted by Lex holding a class of water. Lex gets nothing out of A.C. and leaves to do his presentation to the military on Leviathan. Clark arrives shortly after and helps free A.C., together they destroy Leviathan and embarrass Lex in his demonstration. Clark would soon visit Lex afterwards as they do a little dance about the sabotage and their dead friendship. A.C. says goodbye to Lois and Clark, as he continues his journey to save the world. Lois is sad and explains that the thing she liked most about A.C. was his mission to save the world, and how will she ever find someone else life that. Nice little thing written in for the future Lois and Superman relationship. I still don't know how they are going to pull that one off because right now Lana is the big <3, and Chloe is still in the running at second, with Lois not even running in the race. With the horrible actor of Aquaman gone, next week's episode is highly anticipated, as are all Smallville episodes.


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