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Friday, October 07, 2005

Alias 5.02, Smallville 5.02: The Dead Rise and The Beginning of an Arch-Enemy

Alias welcomes in new cast members and says goodbye to others, while Smallville begins the reign of Lex Luthor as the villain of the story.

Alias starts off at the end of last week's episode at an English pub: Sydney four months pregnant meeting with Renee "the Raven" Rienne, Michael Vaughn's partner in the pursuit of the whereabouts of his father and the organization related to Prophet 5. Renee informs the pregnant Sydney that the bar they are at is an operations center for the organization they are after and that she just blew her cover. Sydney convinces Renee to do the op anyway and they successfully recover a hard drive containing information about the organization. After their escape, Sydney convinces Renee, #8 on the CIA most wanted list, to let her take the hard drive to the CIA to uncover the information. One sticking point I had about Renee would be that there could have been a relationship between Vaughn and her during their work together, but luckily enough Renee kills those ideas in the beginning of the show saying how Vaughn was crazy about Sydney and she didn't have anything to worry about. Thank goodness is all I can say, I didn't want an absolutely useless subplot to develop between Renee and Sydney about a possibility of a love triangle and the fact that it was killed in the intro scene of Alias was even better. Also, the return to the traditional opening of Alias shows three new cast members that will be joining the show and playing significant parts. I guess after four seasons of roughly the exact same cast it was time for a little bloodletting.

Once back in the States, Sydney calls Marshall waking him and his wife up. Marshall helps uncover a meeting that is to take place between Curtis, the man who killed Vaughn, and an arms dealer. Another note about this scene is that Marshall covers about his work to his wife in a very geeky, screwed up, Marshall sort of way. He does this because, although his wife still works with the CIA, their specific group, APO, is off the books and is unknown even to the CIA except for their single contact and head of their division in the CIA. Sydney brings this information to the imprisoned Sloane. Sloane gives Sydney his condolences, although there is always that nagging feeling when he acts sympathetic that he really is the mastermind of EVERYTHING, and tells her how to get a meeting with the same arm's dealer that Curtis is going to meet with in order to set up for Curtis' arrival.

At Amsterdam, Dixon and Weiss run the op and meet with the arm's dealer, Roemer, and piggyback on the surveillance. After doing this, Sydney sees that Curtis is arriving during their op and inform the others. Curtis picks up his package and quickly kills the arm's dealer and his men, after Curtis leaves the building he enters his car with Sydney sitting and pointing a gun at him. They take Curtis is a CIA safe house where they interrogate him. They open the package and inform Marshall of the package's ID. Marshall traces the package and finds out that they are containing a package of Nuridium; an explosive that has the impact of an A-bomb times 50, but is only a small part of a much larger Nuridium source that was already stolen. They decide that it would take to long to break Curtis and choose to allow him to think he escaped and follow him through a tracking device. Curtis pisses off Sydney and she kicks him through a window into a river, I guess that was their plan or it was more of a play it by ear move because kicking someone through a 2nd story window into a river to let them think they escaped is very, very unnecessarily complicated, but I guess that's why they are the CIA.

As they wait for the tracking device to activate, Weiss tells Sydney he has been offered a promotion to a job in Washington. They do a: Sydney says "I'm so happy for you!", Weiss says "Yea but I don’t want to leave you guys after the death of Vaughn :(", Sydney says "No really you should go!". Fortunately, the tracking device activates and they see that he is on a private 747 toward North Korea. In a very unrealistic manner, maybe probable for the CIA that can do anything and everything it wants, they fly up to the 747 mid-flight in a stealth bomber... yup I said it they do a ninja connection to the 747 from a stealth bomber and get on the plane that way. They find the bomb and as Sydney attempts to disarm it with the help of Marshall on the comm., Weiss and Dixon move forward to find and take out Curtis. They screw up and get spotted and there is a fire fight as Curtis leaves them and heads toward Sydney. Curtis points a gun at Sydney and Sydney holds her knife to a tube of the "bomb", but it seems the "bomb" is actually a person in the box with tubes going into it. Very Alias-style weird shit. Turbulence knocks Curtis off balanced and Sydney gets the gun, she attempts to arrest him and offers him safety he will cooperate, he instead pulls the airlock and decides to kill himself instead. He made it seem that the organization he worked for was everywhere, including the CIA, and was more powerful than she could ever imagine, right before he killed himself.

Once back at APO, Jack tells the team that the Nuridium was used as a cryogenic chamber for the person inside of the box, and that the body was going to the DSR, the government's super secret research group I even think they are the guys that did the research on the Ark of the Covenant in those Indiana Jones movies. Just kidding, we all know that the government didn't do any research on the Ark of the Covenant; they just locked it up in a building. Anyhow back at APO, their new agent shows up Thomas Grace, Balthazar Getty the guy looks like he is from the Scream series but he isn't he's like the guy's twin, and Weiss is on his way out. Meanwhile Dixon comes out and tells the team that the body at DSR was stolen :(. Sydney calls Renee to tell her what has happened, the camera then pans from Renee to her background and we see the body in the room and he the heart monitor begins to beep. He's Alive! What would be the best is if the body is of the infamous prophet/inventor Rambaldi himself. Now that would be a great kick to the show and bring in the past four years to the present.

Smallville begins at the Belle Reve mental facility, the home of the crazy and the super powered much like Arkham Asylum in Batman, where Lex has paid for an entire wing to keep his blind father in isolation from the world. On his way out, Lex bumps into a trio of prisoners and the man he bumps into magically unlocks his shackles. The head prisoner, Lee, takes off his rubber gloves and drains the electricity from the hallway and KO's the guards and frees the other two guys with him, a pair of twins, that use their ability to create a force field to stop bullets from hitting them in their escape toward Smallville. Cut to the now mortal, powerless, Clark Kent at a barn raising with the community rebuilding Smallville after their massive meteor shower. After raising a side of the barn, Clark heads to the Kent farm with Lana to grab more nails. Once at the farm the boring part of the show where Clark is going to get lucky with Lana but Clark stalls it when he acts like a girl about it, I think he lost more than his powers last episode, but then again he was always a bit of a girl about things and it is the WB so that always affects you. Simply put the redundant part of the show gets interrupted by the threesome that escaped from Belle Reve.

They take Lana and Clark from the barn into the Kent house, where they tell Clark they've heard stories from the other freaks in Belle Reve about Clark's powers. They want him to break into a secret LuthorCorp facility and steal kryptonite injections that they need in order to keep their powers strong. After explaining this, Martha and Jonathan Kent come to the house to see what took Clark and Lana so long and become hostages as well. Clark is given two hours to get the injections before they start to kill hostages.

Clark leaves and calls Chloe for help, being a mortal and quite powerless he needs the skills of an investigative reporter who knows how to break into buildings. They break into the facility and Clark goes through the vents in order to reach the room that the kryptonite injections are located. He gets in and opens the door from the inside to get Chloe into the room. They reach the vault and notice it is fingerprint only. Chloe uses dust and tape on a flashlight that Lex touched earlier in the show to get a fingerprint to open the vault. Clark sees the Kryptonite injections and goes to grab them, he is unaffected by the Kryptonite since he's a mere mortal now, but is singed by the invisible laser field. Chloe says it would take hours to bypass the electrical field; Clark is forced to leave to head home with his two hours almost up. He enters the house with a suitcase, that can't have the injections so what IS in there? The electrically powered escapee, Lee, opens the suitcase to a flash bang in his face. Clark dodges an electrical bolt and it hits the twins knocking them out. Clark grabs a sledgehammer and strikes the power generator killing Lee's source of power and gets a fist in his face from Clark knocking him out. All is saved by Clark Kent even when he is a mere mortal.

Chloe comes by afterwards to tell Clark that she poked around in Level 3 for a bit and found that a secondary source was watching the surveillance while they were there. A cut to Lex shows him watching the footage of Clark being singed by the electrical field to his amazement. He believed Clark to be super human, but it showed him as a normal person. Clark arrives and confronts Lex as Clark gives Lex a few punches to the face. Clark knows that Lex helped the prisoner's escape from Belle Reve and is officially ending their friendship. After a few punched, Lex counters and gives Clark a punch to the face and to the amazement of Lex, Clark is bleeding. It was perfect timing and all how Lex tests Clark right after Clark loses his powers. Of course the final ten minutes of the show is dedicated to Clark finally getting some from Lana, hopefully after a large waste of time on their on again, off again relationship more time can be dedicated to the geeky comic book stuff the show comes from. Hooray for Lex finally being a full pledge bad guy and the arrival of Brainiac at the end of last week's episode. This season should prove hopeful for the Smallville faithful that enjoy the show because of the comic book parts and not the WB Dawson's Creek portions.


  • Wow, Clark finally gets some. How exciting. Don't these people have a college to go to or something? Are they still in high school or are they all going to local Midwest U?

    By Anonymous Kat, at 10:23 AM, October 08, 2005  

  • High school has ended and I think it's the summer break before they head off to college. Once that happens, it might throw things off as Chloe is heading off to Metropolis college, hours away, and Clark/Lana are going to the local Smallville college. So that should shake the cast up a bit, although Chloe > Lana any day of the week.

    By Blogger lampy., at 11:28 AM, October 08, 2005  

  • My local affiliate decided to air a different show instead of Smallville and now I'm stuck. Grrrrr. Trying to find it using BitTorrent, but I'm new to this whole torrent thing and am not having much luck.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:14 PM, October 13, 2005  

  • Let's see here, I personally use Bitcomet to keep torrents easily organized. DL it and Install it.

    I, then, use piratebay, mininova, isohunt to find the episodes or which lets me search all 3 sites at one location.


    After you find the torrent, you DL the torrent file to your computer. You, then, open up Bitcomet and drag the torrent file into the Bitcomet window. This should open a prompt so you know what you are going to DL. Just to a quick overview to make sure the file is right, and click ok.

    Also remember to try to find a file that has a decent amount of Seeders, or people that have the entire file and are uploading it to the world. The more seeders a file has the faster you'll DL it.

    In your case Smallville Season 5 Episode 2, I found it on Mininova for you:

    Just DL the file to your Harddrive and toss that into Bitcomet and watch it DL. If you want some tips to increase the rate you DL files go here:

    By Blogger lampy., at 5:07 PM, October 13, 2005  

  • A little primer on BitTorrents. BitTorrents split one file into hundreds of pieces to facilitate quicker downloads. Instead of downloading one whole file, you download all the pieces from the network of people who are also downloading the file. So at one time, you could be downloading different pieces from 5 different people which speeds things up considerably.

    When you are searching for torrents, you want to look for ones with a good seeder to leecher ratio. Seeders are people with the complete file and are there solely to dishout the different pieces of the file to people. The more seeders you have, the better the speed of your download.

    BitTorrents comprise of two things: the torrent file and the client.

    Clients, such as BitComet like Lampy mentioned, utilize the torrent file to download whatever it is you want. In this case, TV shows.

    Torrents tell the client where to look for the information and coordinates how to download the file. These are the files you download when you search on the sites like Pirate Bay, Mininova or IsoHunt.

    After you've downloaded that torrent, do as lampy has said. Open the file up in your torrent and sit back and let it download. Depending on your connection it could take a couple of hours or a full day. But most of the time it falls in between.

    Happy TV watching and thanks for reading. And tell your affliate to stop doing crazy stuff and taking shows off the air!

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 5:31 PM, October 13, 2005  

  • Hey, that's great. Thanks. Now I just need to hold off watching the next one (it airs tonight) until I've watched this one.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:27 AM, October 17, 2005  

  • hey, you could download BOTH of them and watch them back to back. I hate waiting a week for the next show, so this is the best way to kill that break. :p

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 10:43 AM, October 17, 2005  

  • It worked! I downloaded the episode last night and got to watch it in HD on my monitor before watching the next episode on TV in SD. :( I wish there was a way to get HD from my computer to my TV. (Yeah, I know there are ways, but they all cost $$$.)

    Is it normal for download speeds to be really slow? Especially near the end, I was getting like 1 or 2 or even 0 Kbs.

    Thanks guys.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:43 AM, October 18, 2005  

  • Congrats! You're right, there are ways to output that video signal to your TV, but alas it does cost some cash. I currently have a Windows Media Center PC outputting an HD signal to my HDTV through a VGA cable since my TV has a VGA input. If your TV doesn't have a VGA input, you could buy yourself a VGA to Composite/Component and watch it like that.

    As for bittorrent speeds, I haven't noticed very much slowdown as I am on a pretty good connection, but I have noticed sometimes the download does slow to a crawl at times.

    Since you're new to bittorrent, here is a guide on how to make speeds better:

    And for a more detailed article on bittorrent, this link will help you out:

    Hope that helps! I know the feeling of going from a good broadcast to a SD account, but there is something about watching the show live, which is awesome. I usually download tv shows after I watch it live to keep it around to watch a 2nd and 3rd time.

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 10:15 AM, October 18, 2005  

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