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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Arrested Development 3.03, Prison Break 1.07: Seal Attack and An Angry Pope

Arrested was great this week as was Prison Break. And with Kitchen Confidential out of the picture, Monday nights got back on track for me.
Monday nights got better for me since I was now not made to torture myself by watching that horrid show, Kitchen Confidential. To those of you looking for my scathing reviews of it this week, I apologize, since I won’t be writing much about it since I did not watch it. Arrested Development on the other hand, was fantastic! The show revolved around the story arc of Michael and Rita (the retard for those keeping score at home) and their dates, for lack of a better term. Essentially, Michael realizes that whenever he brings home a girl, his family utterly destroys any chance he has with the girl. So he realizes something… say he has no family. Why didn’t he think of that before?

I must say, how the family reacts when they realize they are bastards is priceless. The method in which they try to change their ways is absolutely brilliant. When they pickup Rita and then have to incapacitate her via Buster attacking her and knocking out then GOB using Roofies to drug her to make her forget them had me splitting stitches. Where the hell do they come up with this stuff, I will never know. But it works for me, so I am fine with it. Another classic moment is when they change their party from a Buster-themed one to one honoring Michael and make a banner reading, “Family love Michael” and their stories fall apart, revealing how they kidnapped/assaulted/drugged/abandoned Rite.

The episode was riddled with other such great moments as the introduction of Scott Baio as Bob Loblaw (sounded out as: Blah blah blah). His pseudo-commercial with him parroting other such law commercials was spot on. I couldn’t stop laughing at those commercials since I’ve seen real law commercials and you realize just how absolutely ridiculous they are. Also, his retainer dries up when Lindsay talks him to death via phone sex, showcasing more ineptitude of the Bluth family. The show was a good one, perhaps not showing much more about the plot of Rita being a spy, but still funny and good nonetheless. Hopefully people begin to tune in! Also, I saw the Bluth stair car last week on Pico/Sepulveda, being carried by a flatbed trailer. It looked brand new, so I think it was cleaned up right after filming… so I think there is going to be a night scene involving the stair car. Remember, you heard it here first!

Now onto one of my favorite shows, Prison Break. This episode is what I wanted last week, but hey, you cannot cry over spilt milk right? I am just appreciative of FOX making good and finally giving us the story we wanted. The show began where it left off last week, with Scofield climbing through the vents to rescue the doctor. The tension in the infirmary with the doctor fighting off the horde of prisoners was the perfect example of the madness throughout the prison. It made the riot even more dramatic and coupled with the multiple story arcs the episode was very rich and dynamic. You were enthralled with most of the characters and you felt their danger. If you missed it, you should watch it. Definitely the best Prison Break show thus far.

Now with that out of the way, the horrible aspects of the show. Perhaps the weakest aspect of the show is the son of Lincoln Burrows and their relationship. Never in my whole life have I seen a more horrid over-actor than this kid. I understand that he is attempting to convey the angst and anger of being a teenager who has a father in jail. But this does not give him the right to over exaggerate his emotions and contort his face into a horribly scrunched up expression of anger/hate that makes me roll my eyes so fast that they roll right out of my head. His acting is so forced that it almost makes the show lose any credibility it has garnered from its great plot. I just wish the show would put the secret service to good use and off the kid. Really, it would make the show that much better.

Another aspect of the show that paled in comparison to the chaos of the prison riot was the conspiracy story line. The whole thing was done poorly as usual, as there was never a time when you felt the characters were in real danger. Especially when they were in Washington DC, and near the phone booth, you never felt they were in danger. Even though the they were being talked to over the phone by an agent of the conspiracy, we all knew it was coming. The foreshadowing was too much and tipped its hand too early. This is the part of the show which I felt was weak to begin with and the writers have done nothing to sway my feelings about this. But, in the next few episodes we find the secret service playing a bigger role in the show and perhaps this alludes to more action and danger involving their characters. The show is going on hiatus for a bit, so it gives you a bit more time to check out the prior episodes if you’ve missed them. For sure, this is one of the better dramas on television now.


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