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Monday, September 12, 2005

Arrested Development Overview

There are only so many superlatives one can give a show. You’ve heard them all by now, describing other undeserving shows; the funniest, most well written, well acted show on TV. Arrested Development is one of those shows. It is the funniest, most well written, well acted show on TV right now. But for some reason, it was nearly on the chopping block late last season. A late surge in the trophy case allowed FOX to save face and save this hilarious show. If you hadn’t caught this show yet, I advise you to do yourself a favor and start watching this show. Either dive right into the 3rd season or start from the beginning if you want more of the stories which makes this family so funny.

The show revolves around the antics of one of the most dysfunctional families to date, the Bluths. There is George Bluth, the father who used his company as a personal bank. There is Lucille Bluth, his loving, alcoholic, spend crazy socialite of a wife. There is their adult children (figuratively), George Oscar Bluth (G.O.B, pronounced JOE-B), Michael Bluth and Lindsay Bluth. G.O.B. is the oldest of the siblings, and a failing magician. Lindsay is the daughter you wish you will never have/had who is addicted to money but won’t work for it. Michael is the only responsible Bluth, working for his father’s company for 5 years waiting for the promotion he never got. There is also Tobias Funke, Lindsay’s husband, failed doctor and now failed thespian. Then, finally, there are the real children. The son of Michael, George Michael Bluth, is the socially awkward kid who tries to do the right thing and ends up doing it all wrong, and has a crush on his cousin Maeby. The son of Lindsay and Tobias, Maeby Funke is the rebellious teenage girl who tries to keep her parents marriage together so they won’t spend time with her.

I TOLD you it was the most dysfunctional family known to man. The great thing about the whole family is the fact that with such a wide variety of characters, anyone watching has one relative who is JUST like one of these crazy family members. And the thing is, there is quite possibly no funnier family. The central tenet of the show revolves around Michael Bluth’s relationship with George Michael Bluth, attempting to the father George Bluth never was to Michael. The father/son relationship plays a major theme in the show. The lessons Michael learns reflect his interactions between his father and his son. Another theme of the show is the dysfunctional interactions between the family members but how none of that affects the fact that they are in fact, family. The first lines of the show reflect this (and also reflect the hilarious writing) have Michael asking his son, George Michael, “What’s the most important thing in life?” George Michael replys, “Breakfast?” Which Michael responds, “No, family.” Who knew that the writers were giving away the plot so early?

One warning to those who think I am writing about a happy-go-lucky family: You’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. There is quite possibly no more messed up family on TV. I personally hate each and every single character on this show save for Michael. Everyone else is a contemptible human being who deserves what’s coming to them. Anything anyone else does on the show seems to be done to screw over Michael. But, at the end of each show everyone’s lesson is learned and we go back to being a family again. Waiting for the next antic to screw over the only person trying to help them out and save the family business, Michael. And that’s the great part! The antics! Where else could you have a son lusting over his cousin, the breakout of prison, an excursion to Mexico, the great family chicken dances, the Christian-obsessed girlfriend, the Sword of Destiny, the baseball game rivalry, and the explosion of a yacht. Arrested Development has some of the most clever plot twists, funniest character development and hilarious dialog in a show since Seinfeld. If you aren’t watching, you’re missing out. Get on it!


  • I've only seen Arrested Development a few times and loved it...I wish I could get around to watching it more often. I do feel that it is one of those shows that is just not getting the attention it needs and deserves. Great overview by the way!

    By Blogger Maira, at 11:23 AM, September 19, 2005  

  • Totally on the spot. One of the funniest shows that is not getting the attention it deserves. The writers on the Emmy's said it best,

    "The people at the Emmy's think it's so great, why aren't you all watching?!"

    By Blogger iomegadrive, at 11:46 PM, September 19, 2005  

  • I was JUST like you, until I was able to watch a few episodes in a row. After that I was hooked for good. I liked the show when I caught it on Sunday nights with nothing else on, and then I loved it when I made the effort to catch the show every week. The third season premiered tonight at 8:00. Make the effort to watch it every Monday at 8:00 and you will not regret it.

    By Blogger lampy., at 11:47 PM, September 19, 2005  

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