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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

You're tuned into...

The Regularly Scheduled TV Show Blog. Updating twice a week with the occasional Special Update thrown in for good measure, we will be providing an fresh outlook on the TV shows that we will be watching. Here you'll be able to find episode recaps, reviews and critiques of the shows we actually watch, and we'll also recommend shows you wouldn't normally tune into. The blog emphasis will be on Network Television as well as Basic Cable shows, since not all of us can/want to shell out the money for Premium Channels.

Since the most big shows air on Sunday and Wednesday/Thursday, we've decided that Monday's and Thursday's are the optimum days for the major updates. But that doesn't mean that we'll JUST be posting on Monday and Thursday, so look for those updates throughout the week.

So, sit back, and enjoy the show. We love to hear feedback, so comment away. We'll be watching.


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